#444 – you’re so cool

Panel 1 is kind of the understated champ of this page for me, but I was already getting a sense that Jane was an obsessive dork too.

6 thoughts on “#444 – you’re so cool

  1. "Not that there's anything wrong with smoking" is a line that bothers me. No idea what your opinion is since obviously your characters are all very different people from both you and each other, but imo people that smoke in the vicinity of other members of the general public in public places are actual garbage.

    I don't personally smoke or vape but I'm so glad for the cultural shift towards vaping since doing it in public at least doesn't leave behind the same smell (haven't looked into the side effects of second hand vaping… for my own sanity).

    1. Late reply ahoy!

      I think her words are meant to be the sort of thing you awkwardly tack on to a statement when you meet someone you don't know much about. I forgot if Jane smokes, or if Julie knows that or not, but that first statement followed by 'Not that smoking is cool' might offend a smoker, so she adds on the extra sentence.

      That was a lengthier dissertation than I'd intended, but I think it gets the job done.

  2. The alternate universe where Jane and Julie become either girlfriends or best buds is one of the Great Untold Stories of Octopus Pie

  3. Is it just me, or is Jane the prettiest person in the strip? That sheepish smirk in Panel 4 is very cute.

    1. I have always thought this as well. I had thought Aimee was pretty but Jane beat her out.

    2. She's got great hair, her eyes are pretty, and she's wearing a super-flattering, classy top. She's gorgeous!

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