#425 – that feeling

There's one more page of this story, and it's going up on Friday. That's right, 4 pages this week! Don't say I never made a comic for you.

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  1. I love how wrong everyone was about how this strip would turn out, haha!

    (And this oddly enough got me to really like Eve/Will. Go figure.)

    1. Because they are AWESOME, that's why.

  2. That was really sweet. :3

  3. YOU NEVER MADE A COMIC FOR M– oh, nevermind, I guess you did. and what a comic!

  4. -sniff- awww, leave it to Eve to realize it's hard on BOTH parties to split.

  5. awwwwwwww… you… you just made my week… *sniffle*

  6. I love your comic, Meredith. This has been a great week here.

  7. Eve, turn back! March through his door…….. IT’S TOP GUN, FORT GOODNESS SAKE.

    1. EXACTLY! Eve is going to miss out on quality plane action, bromances and volleyball! (VOLLEYBALL!)

    2. It's official. I'm dropping all my Christmas plans and going to FORT OFFICIAL!

      1. Wait. What's wrong with my distracted brain? Fort Goodness Sake, I obviously meant.

        1. hahaha, hey "fort official" sounds like somewhere good to visit too

  8. You never made a comic for me, you made a comic for everyone. You pinko-Commie Socialist you.

    Great stuff and what a genuine, sweet path to take.


    Whatta guy. I could hardly even focus on the rest of this with the knowledge that Larry is somewhere behind that wall.

  10. Wow, turned out to be more civil than i expected… beautiful. NOW WHAT!?

  11. My heart just exploded. With LOVE.

  12. I had a feeling it would be something (when compared to what so many people seemed to think was happening, anyway :P) rather anticlimactic today, but in a way, this is more of a step forward then them making out would have been. That could have blown up in their faces in a million different possible ways, but this? This is genuine. This is growth. This is good for both of them. 🙂 I love it.

  13. I still say it's Aimee, not Larry in there.

    1. But even if it were, I wouldn't entirely blame Will for going on a rebound. Would be a nice twist ending, either way.

    2. I don't know if he'd have invited Eve in if Aimee was in his apartment and he was trying to score or something, but I guess we'll see tomorrow.

  14. It wouldn't have been Octopus Pie if they hadn't had that talk. 🙂

  15. I didn't expect a sort of conversation like that. And I am pleasantly surprised.

  16. Aww what a great way to end the comic year ^_^

    This comic is epic. Great work Meredith!

  17. I know that 'Soon!'; I've saaid that 'Soon!'

    …. We're never seeing Will again.. are we?

    1. SecretlyASuperhero

      oh shoot- i've said that "soon" too 0.o

      well…let's just try to enjoy the sweetness of this comic while it lasts

  18. What makes this comic for me is that Eve is shivering – something I also do when I'm really nervous about saying something. And I don't think it's from being cold, because she wasn't shivering when she was outside, actually in the cold. I love this comic for so many reason, but little details like that seriously make my day!

    Thanks Meredith!

    1. it makes my day when people notice those details! 🙂

    2. The 3rd panel is especially effective.

      1. Agreed. What really cemented it for me was after I looked at panel 3, I looked back at panel 2 and noticed that she wasn't just shivering, she was also doing that thing she does with her hands when she's uncomfortable – I kinda do something similar actually – halfway between wringing them and clasping your fingers and constantly fidgeting. Poor, adorable Ning. 🙂

    3. I had the same reaction when she was pouring tea (and missing the cup) back at the beginning of the arc: I totally have been in a couple situations so emotionally charged that I was shivering in warm weather. I loved seeing Eve like that.

  19. You're a really great artist, but your writing is what really gets me. Which is saying a lot, because you're an 'effing great artist.

  20. Mature and thoughtful, less cartoon drama: I like it!

  21. Thank you for making comics.

  22. Octopus Pie should be animated into a series. I can't stress that enough! It would be amazing. Of course it would have to be done in exactly the right way.

    I don't think it was that kind of "soon" guys. I mean she went up there solely for the purpose of letting Will know they're still friends regardless of his and Mar's break up.

    I do recognize that look on her face though, she looooooves him and wishes she didn't

    1. SecretlyASuperhero

      haha- aww i know that feeling 🙁 but hopefully everything will turn out in her favor! ^^

    2. meredith is an amazing animator, it just takes so long to do that it becomes questionable whether it really adds that much more. the comics are great.

      1. I'm not demanding that it be done immediately or even soon or ever. I'm saying it would be nice in the far future if she decides to push the project further or adapt it, exactly because her animation skills are so good. It would (understandably) be a very demanding project; not just artistically but from the standpoint of having the perfect editing and soundtracks and voice actors. But I feel that it would be very very rewarding in the end from an artistic standpoint, should she choose to do that!

      2. And of course, the comic is fantastic, you don't gotta tell me, duh!

  23. SecretlyASuperhero

    i'm really very pleased with how this page went- because honestly if Eve and Will would have gotten together it just would have started a whole list of troubles. i'm also glad Will isn't with Aimee…their rellationship just didnt feel right to me, not because i'm rooting for Eve/Will (though i totally am :P) its just-as a previous commentor said, (maybe on the previous page?) Aimee is just like a mirror of WIll- and thier relationship wouldn't be at the maturity level that Will needs right now…

    to be honest i don't even know if im making sense! my point is i like how this comic is well thought out and not rushing into things- you are awesome for that, Mer.

  24. This is all so mature! Big change from their previous interactions… -sniff- all grown up.

  25. You're so good to us, Mer.

    This has to be one of my favorite Eve/Will interactions. Though, I hope Eve's "soon" isn't the way everyone's assuming it is. I personally see it as a sincere and enthusiastic "soon."

    Now I gotta find a way to read the last comic in this storyline tomorrow before driving down to my parents' house in the boonies for the weekend where they have no internet. I tell ya, the things we put up with for family 😉



  27. Just finished backreading this entire comic in one day – I'm so in love~ <3

    And I've been shipping Will/Eve this entire time, but I'm glad they're not jumping right into it now!

    1. Welcome to the ship, we bought it with Will's weed money.

      1. omg, will there be puppies?! 😀

  28. You make *great* comics for me (and everyone), Meredith! Thanks!

  29. If Eve and Will get together, their couple name will be "Evill"!

    1. Wevill.

      No, I'm just bitter you beat me to it.

  30. Panel 2 sounds like he's talking about an area of cloth or a structure which protrudes from the side of a building in such a way as to provide shade or cover from rain.

    made me smile a little bit 🙂

  31. Oh Will, couldn't you have made up a thing to do to hang out with her then and there? Larry would have understood. What if you don't see her again for a really long time.

  32. This comic is super sweet! 🙂

    I've only been reading for a few months, but I love Octopus Pie and I am greatly appreciative of you for it and I hope your holidays are good, Meredith (coincidentally, my actual irl middle name! I FEEL CONNECTED.)


  33. When two dudes settle in to watch "Top Gun," ladies are superfluous.

    — MrJM

    1. Ah, you can't tell someone they can be your "Wing-man" anytime with the ladies present. It just gets weird.

    2. Here's a man-secret: When girls are in the room during the Top Gun volleyball scene, we all scoff audibly at the latent homoeroticism.

      When it's all guys, we just high-five each other continuously, and, depending on how well we know each other, may begin singing along with Kenny Loggins.


  34. I like that Eve cares deeply enough for Will to do this. It just shows that while Eve can be a bit standoff-ish and perceived as a bit of a bitch, she's pretty loyal. She, unlike Hanna (different situations, I know), can put aside previous happenings in order to make sure he's okay.

    Everyone in this comic is so real and relatable (to a certain extent), but I find Eve the most relatable because she realistically fumbles, rather than fumbling just for story arc or change in the comic's pacing's sake. 🙂

  35. This gives me the warm fuzzies. I really love how they've developed over the course of the comic. Also panels 4 and 5 are tinged with a little extra sadness, and I feel like though he's talking about the current arc, it could also apply to Eve as well. Or I could be totally wrong but anyways, thank you Meredith, seeing this made my Christmas Eve pretty awesome.

  36. I want eve and will so bad I cant stand it.

  37. I think there should be a special strip dedicated to the late Captain Beefheart.

  38. Panel 3 of this comic brought tears to my eyes. Poor Eve 🙁

    Mer, you continue to floor me with your work. I'm telling everyone I know to read this comic, it's just amazing.

  39. Not in Particular

    I've been reading this comic since the very beginning, and have really liked it all along. This is the first comment I've left in all this time, though, because I just have to say: this storyline is so good, it's almost hard to believe. It just doesn't get any better.

  40. Call me evil, but I got so happy when Will and Mar' broke up. Can't wait to see if he ets back with Ning.

  41. "Aw, Ning". Haha, "awning"? Did he just make another pun on Eve's last name?

  42. Nervous shivering… I'm familiar with that

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