#424 – what’s going on

Hey guys guess what. Since I'd like to finish this storyline by the end of the week, there's going to be a BONUS UPDATE tomorrow (Thursday). Yes that's right. Mer doesn't make you wait. Come back tomorrow AND Friday. Be there. Drink eggnog! Not too much.

52 thoughts on “#424 – what’s going on

  1. You're spoiling us for Christmas! 😀

  2. aw man. frozen tear puddles.


    I shall be in the next room sobbing convulsively (sp?) until the next update.

    Great work as usual :B

  4. D'awww. You never disappoint Meridith! So will we be seeing a heart to heart about Marigold? Or a new beginning for Eve and Will? hmmm.

    First things first, I think he's going to let the poor girl inside!

  5. Auugh Will is so handsome. Also thanks Meredith! Thank you so so very much. Merry Christmas!

  6. Wow… I have two theories with two equally likely outcomes, and I really am tearing myself up thinking about it. I can think of one other comic that has emotion as raw as this. You and your comic are amazing. 😀


  8. Omigosh. Omigosh ohmigosh!

  9. Suddenly thinking of the Four Non-Blondes.

  10. Oooh this could be good! As long as Eve doesn't say something that is going to make Will do the eyebrow thing. You know: http://www.octopuspie.com/2009-01-30/252-more-ton… (even though it *is* adorable!)

  11. Oh, oh no, I think Eve is about to get rejected. :C

  12. Aimee's gonna be there, hahahahahahaffffff

    1. This was my first thought, though I doubt Eve is there to magically hook up with Will but I could be wrong. If she sees Aimee though, it's going to sting like hell anyway, since we all know there's something between them, even if Eve told Will there wasn't.

      1. Yeah, I've been waiting for Aimee to become a factor, and this seems like her time to shine. If not right now, than she'll be Will's love interest later.

        I've kinda really been wishing Eve and Will don't get back together. It just seems like an unrealistic situation to me, something that you see often enough in movies, but you should never count on in real life. I was really hoping Eve could move forward, on to whoever's next.

        I mean, they (especially Will) are both romantics, so I don't doubt there could always be tension.

        That plus Eve is always romantically doomed. It's part of her character. Either she's single or in a broken relationship. Hannah and Marek are all we need for a romantic lovey-dovey couple.

        I could be so wrong in this, but I dunno. Them dating again just makes no sense to me.

        1. Part of her character?! Aaaahhhh that's waaaay depressing!

          And even if it's kinda true ( Sorry Eve! :[ ), that doesn't mean I'm not SOOOOO rooting for Eve/Will again. <33

          Also, +1 on Will being adorable. That man knows how to rock scruffy.

        2. I agree, I don't think she's going to be doomed forever. I just really hate the idea that Will and Eve stay unresolved and it's turned into a "what if" scenario where we don't really see it ever play out. I think out of everyone in the comic that we could feasibly pair up with either of them, Eve and Will are well suited to one another. I guess it's just the romantic in me and maybe Mer is saving it for the end of OP (whenever it is) but I would just love to see them together, and to have Eve be happy. She deserves it, my goodness.

        3. She does. That said, you don't need a boyfriend to be happy, Eve is very capable of being happy without being on some guy's arm. I think assuming anything different is against a lot of what octopie is about.

          That said, I think I agree with you, it could end with her being in a happy relationship. But for now, i think tension between characters is really what makes them so interesting. If she gets back With will I could only expect a situation like with Park.

  13. Eve wearing the balaclava is just so adorable. 😀 So is Will.

  14. Fayerocksmysocks

    All I have to say is … ICE NINJA!

  15. Goddamn this comic is good.


  17. Captain_Cadaver

    yay yay yay!

  18. It snowed in england! I think I had a heart attack twice… That hat won't prevent any kissing now it's off then..

  19. I miss New York Snow. 🙁

  20. AlmostLiterally

    Oh, NO. This does not bode well. Unless they are just going to have an earnest talk about Marigold. Then that bodes a little well.

  21. On the one hand, I curse you, Gran, for teasing us with this cliffhanger. On the other hand, I heart you, Gran, because I won't have to wait until Friday to have my curiosity sated.

  22. I think Will and Eve would bee pretty adorable to me. They get along pretty well, and Eve needs a little bit of spice in her life.

  23. Just wanted to say I started reading your comic like a month ago and I've told everyone I know who actually reads webcomics to read it and they all love it and you're the best and I love the way you draw omg omg omg.

    Seriously though, you rule.

    1. Ah, if only skirting danger were still online.

  24. I heard there's a good chance of snow in the city on christmas

  25. I think I'm gonna cry. 🙁

  26. Hmmm. I was hoping that Will would avoid Aimee, to me she was a catalyst that got him thinking about how much he didn't like who he'd become… Aimee is like a mirror of not-so-honest Will. If he had enough clarity to end his relationship with Mar, I would hope he's clear enough not to get involved with Aimee, even as a rebound. As for Eve/Will, even though I know he'd need time to himself to really change… POUNCE HIM, GIRL. Just get it out there and see if it goes ka-blooie again!

  27. Best Xmas ever!

  28. OHHH NO… oh nonononono… *braces himself*

  29. Ohmygosh, ohmygosh, ohmygosh. THREE UPDATES IN A ROW, I think maybe I will explode. Ohmygosh, ohmygosh, ohmygosh.

    *creepily waits in corner*

  30. Rosy winter cheeks! I have them right now myself!

  31. AHHH! I know I shouldn't dare. . but as a Will x Eve fan I can hope?! :3

  32. I just hope we're not writing Will out of the strip; I love that guy.

  33. I just wanted to say “I guess”. Ok, bye. Merry Kwanzukkamas,


  35. Oh no… Eve, don't have sex with Will! Rule #1 of friendship, never sleep with your friend's ex!


    1. A stupid rule…your friends' exes are the people whom you'll know the best and already have attraction to because you've already built up the friendship with them. It makes MORE sense to date friends' exes. People aren't territory, and they aren't off limits to you for the rest of your life just because they were with a friend of yours once. You could be closing yourself off from your potential soul mate just because they used to date your friend. Screw that. If your friends are real friends, they'll support you being with whoever makes you happy and not play such insipid high school jealousy games.

  36. Here's what's going to happen:

    Eve is going to tell Will that she loves him. He will say that he isn't interested anymore. Then he closes the door and we see that girl who he met again in the city (sorry I can't remember her name….she's from the medieval fair) and so ends another year for the strip.

  37. I have very mixed feelings about what Eve is doing right now.

  38. I kinda like Octopus Pie for it’s blend of surrealism and the situations you can relate to, and I’m seeing so many other comments wishing for the cutest match-up of characters… Will and Eve seem to have had their reasons for cutting off their previous relationships before and they’ve changed nothing since. That sure seems like a formula for this perfect, rosy-cheek couple that everyone wants so badly.


  40. All of Eve's 'ha ha's are killing me!!!

  41. Ha. Noncommittal shrug met with shuddering emotional collapse. So good.

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