#423 – hanukkah present

This story's nearly over! Will it be resolved by Christmas? Maybe!! Possibly.

98 thoughts on “#423 – hanukkah present

  1. Oh god this is heartbreaking. Especially that last panel.

    1. Yeah, even my semi-stone hearted self couldn't help but frown progressively deeper as I made my way through the strip. The last 3 panels kinda hurt 🙁

      1. The cookie is a lie!

        1. Srsly. Marigold goddamn remembers. Otherwise I don't think she would have said what she did.

  2. Aww, Eve's big crying eyes! 🙁

    1. is your username/name/whatever here a subtle depeche mode reference or is it coincidence?

  3. I love these guys. They're so real, y'know? Like… this is how actual people act.

    1. Do your friends slip each other memory-erasing baked goods?

      1. I don't remember…

  4. Please, please don't let Eve have gone through with Hanna's psychotic plan. I would not like to hate all the characters.

  5. Man, I wish someone would think of me enough to give me a Hannukah present like that!

  6. NOOOOOO! You shouldn't have eaten it Marigold! Now it's TOO LAAATE!

  7. That second to last panel might be the saddest panel I've ever seen…..ever.

    Happy Holidays!

  8. 🙁 She ate the cookie? Oh no.

  9. what's the best? this is the best.


    This makes me like Hanna less. Which is unfortunate.

  11. Does no one else think that Marigold is aware of Hanna's cookie thing and just plays along? I figured so all along, and today makes me think it even more.

    1. Marigold in Panel 1: priceless.

      Marigold saying "I made you a Hanukkah present, you boyfriend-kissing bitch": even more priceless.

      Octopus Pie: just freakin' awesome.

      1. I keep replying in the wrong box… Apologies all round.

    2. She remembers the flavor of muffin, and that they "always have it when she needs it." I know it's romance-based amnesia, but maybe that's a sign that it's fake? Maybe I'm just clutching for straws?

  12. I agree with Someone. I'm pretty sure that we've established a long time ago that Hanna is a lunatic. There's no such thing as magical boyfriend forgetting muffins.

  13. Prognositcation Mode Activated ::

    I think that the Brownout Biscuit is going to turn out to have never worked at all. Either that, or it yields diminishing returns (a la the MIB Neuralyzer). I mean, Marigold does seem to have *some* recollection of previous Biscuit-induced-Brownouts.

    :: End Prognositcation Mode

    Even better would be if she had known all along that Hannah was trying to mindwipe her, and has simply been playing along in order to make her feel better.

  14. I think Marigold is more aware than we've given her credit for. Lovely rendering and writing, once more! Best of the season to you all, DMW

  15. Wow, somehow I missed strip 421, and I was like "What are you guys talking about?"

    1. yeah i did the same thing! haha i went from 420-22 without realizing it, and then it was only over the weekend when people kept going on about the burnout biscuit on comments that i realized..

      1. aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh I DID THE SAME THING. AND NOW MUCH LESS HAPPY

        I PRAY that Hanna's underestimating Marigold, b/c this resolution would be soooo nice without non-consenting memory-loss… DDD:

  16. Just the right mix of lol and heartbreak! 😀

  17. Love Eve in the second to last panel. So cute!

  18. I'm guessing that the brownout biscuit never really worked all along and that Mar is much more together, with it, and awesome than any of us suspected. I'd be more ashamed of Eve for being hell of sketchy, but her reaction to Mar's gift is priceless and she appears to be genuinely remorseful over the whole ordeal.

    The alt text is so perfect it defies all kinds of stuff.

  19. Marigold said that you don't have happiness with heartbreak. And then she said that she loved the flavor – they always had it when she needed it. If the biscuit actually made her forget, she wouldn't be saying either of those things. I think the only person who really believes the Brownout thing is Hanna. And Eve momentarily. God love her occasional naivety.

    I'm warming up to Marigold now. She is starting to remind me of a bunch of my school friends.

    1. On second thought, I think you're right.

    2. happiness withOUT*

    3. Also: she wouldn't have said the thing about not letting Hanna 'set her up with her dumb friends anymore' if she didn't remember those past relationships, would she? She definitely remembers, and Hanna is definitely loopy.

  20. How appropriate! With that full-face toque covering her mouth, Eve won't be able to kiss any of Marigold's future boyfriends!

    1. HAHA, I know, right? Best coincidental timing evar, too bad they're having too much of a moment to laugh themselves.

  21. Hee, I so love Eve's eyes in that next-to-last panel–and yeah, I think Hanna's a wee bit confused about the effects her biscuits have on Marigold. 🙂

  22. I just have to say how much I LOVE this comic!! It's a highlight to my week .. 3 times a week!!

  23. i want dat hat so freaking much |:

  24. So I'm somewhere in the middle of the 2009 strips, and I'm in love with every character.

  25. I want one of those hat-mask thingies! What are they called?

    Also, I just read the entirety of Octopus Pie in one sitting. Yay! 😀

    1. It's a balaclava! 🙂 Popular among Canadians, ninja(s) and bank robbers everywhere.

  26. Damn it Eve, why didn't you snatch the cookie back?!

  27. I think we are all missing the bigger question. Eve celebrates Hanukkah?

    1. No, you silly person*. I suspect Marigold does; Fuchs is a Jewish name, isn't it?

      *I am aware your question may not have been 100% serious.

  28. Now Eve, too, wears the Mark of Marigold.

    1. Aha!! Proof positive that the winterwear worn by the others is indeed Marigold's work.

  29. Oh, god, I guess there's a twist here, or else my heart might start to fail me. This is… anguishing.

  30. Note that Marigold's gift prevents lip-access. Always thinking, that girl!

  31. Marigold, you surprised me. I was wrong, you do know how to deal <3

    Eve, you big sap. I love you too <3

    Your writing is so good Meredith!

    1. And I LOL'd at the alt-text!

  32. I really hope that Marigold's been onto Hanna all those years. Such good dialogue! I'm really jealous, but in the way that it makes me want to get my own up to snuff! Thanks for the comics!


  34. Mar your continuity is… UNFATHOMABLE!


    1. …holy crap. Just when I thought I couldn't possibly become even *more* impressed with Meredith. DAMN.

    2. Wow! Good find. But her answer "No. No, I do not" seems a bit forced, like she's playing it up for Hanna… and if that's the case, man, that's some incredible story planning there. How deep does Mer's character development go?

      1. Sometimes, I have the feeling she's got the whole story planned out.

  35. This strip is really perfect and makes me take back all the negative feelings I had towards Mar.

  36. SecretlyASuperhero

    Ok, first i kinda hated mar, then i kinda pitied her, and now i kinda love her

  37. Damn did she just call her… and is she wearing…. Man, this is wild. Wow and they just keep it going.

  38. Eve looks so cute here! I like short-haired Marigold so much more.

  39. This was so heartwarming I'm being cooked alive from the inside out D:

  40. If that balaclava-with-brim had another flower on the opposite side, it would look a lot like a duck head. And the duck does not judge. The duck seeks only bread.

    1. This comment is amazing.

  41. Will it get resolved! Get it? WILL it get resolved!

    1. Still A Real Comedia

      Because Will is her ex-boyfriend XD

  42. It's probably bad that my main OP thought process is something along the lines of "can it be will and eve smoochie tiem nao plz?" even though this arc is definitely more poignant than that. Also, I needs sleepies. Zzzzzz.

    1. Naw, we all want that.

      At least, *I* want that.

  43. Or MAYBE Eve chickened out and that's not the Brownout Biscuit, and just a regular cookie from the caf

  44. SEE. Seeeee. SEEE! I TOLD all you Marigold haters that she's not so bad.

    Clearly the brownout biscuit doesn't work so I wouldn't worry about that: she wouldn't say that she knows there can't be happiness without heartbreak if it really worked and she had no memory of past heartbreaks.

    I do believe that Hanna believes it works, because Hanna's nuts. (I like her anyway but she's nuts. She's like that crazy drama stoner insane superstitious friend that you never get toooo tight with but you always invite to parties and drink with for fun).

    I'm still wondering how one bakes with powdered Joy Division. Like a ground-up CD? Wouldn't that poison you?

    Happy Solstice Time!

  45. What's Eve not spitting out o.o; It's "Not whatever", Hanna "doesn't understand", and then there was that weird mysterious conversation with Will last time. Maybe I'm reading too much into her guilt, but there's totally something else going on in Eve's adorable, balaclava covered mind…

    Also, now I want a cookie.

  46. Phew. Awesome!

    *Goes for a cookie*.

  47. Wait… so she ate the biscuit still? Aw fuck! Nothing's been resolved! ONLY POSTPONED! BA;KLDJOFRIJWEFNASEOFIZKDJFOIZAJ

    1. Never mind, things are good :B

  48. I think Mar didn't know that Eve and Will kissed each other and just knew that they were into each other!

  49. I'm really liking Marigold's haircut 😀

    Tearyeyed Eve just broke my heart :C

  50. F*** man… I'm crying…

  51. Oh man, I'm baffled how anyone could like that flavor. When Hanna listed the ingredients all I could think about was how magic recipes are always so disgusting as a requirement.

  52. I like Will more and more.

    1. I third this! Will is much stronger than I've given him credit for, it seems! 🙂

  53. Wow, I will be super disappointed if Eve really did just feed Marigold the evil f*cked'n'f*rgotten cookie. Here's hoping she has enough sense to be a true friend and let Mari grow up.

  54. Wait… does this mean that those cookies never work in the first place?

    That's what's making sense to me.

    …… especially since those ingredients were about as screwed up as the Cake from Portal. XD

    (And yes, I third that Will is indeed only getting awesomer.)

  55. I gotta get something off my chest–I don't come to OP frequently. Mostly due to time constraints, but I also because I love building up a backlog of comics to read, enjoy and read the comments on all in one sitting.

    However, this particular storyline has me hooked. I'll be right back here as soon as Mer posts the update on her Twitter.

    1. Aw, nerts! I didn't think it'd be so soon.

      1. haha yeah, I noticed you'd made that post like a minute before I updated.

        1. Yeah, as soon as I navigated away from OP, I checked my Twitter and saw your post.

          But hey, in the world of webcomics, prompt updates are so much more welcome than missed deadlines.

  56. Excellent use of 'snkt' outside of a Wolverine comic.

  57. I'm surprised that no one's commented on the fact that Mari's memory of the cookie's flavor clearly means that Hannah is just off her nut.

    Which means that everything's as it was.

    1. The brownout biscuit causes you to forget “the object of your dearest affections” – not (necessarily) any associated events like a cookie flavour.


  59. How about combining "gelt" and Hannukah?


  60. Man, Eve must be really short.

  61. Fuck, now I know who Marigold reminds me of, post-haircut: Emma Watson. I'm not a big Harry Potter fan, but I saw that video of them trying to speak "American" the other day and thought, "FUCK, THAT'S MARIGOLD."


  62. whoa, did comments get brought back as i was reading? i guess i have no choice but to CHECK TWITTER

  63. omg, eve's hat has a flower and every one else had a flower on their wintergear in this arc, marigold made it all? aw

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