#409 – board-certified friend

If you've been following me on Twitter, you may have already heard about my imminent moving plans. At any rate, I've decided to return to Brooklyn, the land of Octopus Pie's birth! In order to raise money for this move (and the inevitably higher cost of living in New York) I'm selling off original pages for cheap! Along with signed prints of any page. Click here for more info. Thanks for your support!

49 thoughts on “#409 – board-certified friend

  1. There's no cuter ghost than Eve. Oh, and her hair is just… perfect.

  2. Hahaha To be dead versus to be high – it makes a difference to Eve.

  3. Eve! You're alive! Or at least not very deadish.

    Eve Ning, the whiny ghost

    The winiest ghost you know

    …that's all I've got.

  4. oh gawd the cuteness, it's too much, it's… yep diabetes

  5. bubbajonesrodriguez

    "I was afraid I might be high"…


  6. When global warming really hits, the Northwest will be a better place to be. Don't go!

    On the other hand, I just discovered your strip via twitter so life is good. MoandJinks on twitter are worth following too!

    1. Portland is really going downhill. We have a massive brain drain going on, and they are fleeing for the east coast. Meredith, Aaron, and Thom Hartman have all left in the last month or so… It's gettin to be a ghost town…

      Ghost town.. didn't mean that…

      1. She’s not here anymore? Aww 🙁

        And nah. There’s just not a lot of room for….growth here in Portland, usually. At least not in terms of fame.

        1. Big fish in small pond, or small fish in big pond.

          I had the impression that she's moving more because she misses/wants to be there. It's really sad, but aside from kidnapping, what can you do?

  7. ghost!eve is so pretty!!

    and marek is officially the most lovable octopus pie character.

  8. If you kill off Marek I will cry all night.

  9. Thankfully for Eve nobody was a Ghostbuster for Halloween…

    Ghost Eve is awesome, really like the floating hair & expression in panel 6… super cute! It's too bad Hannah can't see her, b/c she deserves to be haunted the most!

  10. Floating is a good look for Eve… it cancels out her stumpy little legs.

    Also, I'm totally stealing "board-certified friend." Actually, everything I do this week is going to be board-certified.

  11. I love how emotive Marek's (presumably fake) ears are. How does he do it??

    1. I was going to say I love Mareks Ears. I want a pair. And a GRREEAT BIG BUSHY BEARD.

  12. oh, and the idea of Eve and Marek in “American Gothic” is definitely something that should be expanded upon. Full size image, maybe?

    1. Hey, that'd make a great TV show? Ghost Eve, Teenwolf Marek, and somebody for a vampire… Hannah? "I vont to suck your bong!"

      1. I meant, like the picture Marek is holding. I'm guessing, based on the positioning and the fact that Marek is holding a pitchfork, that it's a play on the painting, "American Gothic." I would love to see that in a full size image, or at least learn what strange series of events led to these two posing as one of the world's most boring paintings.

  13. Nooooo!

    Don't leave us! Portland is way better than anywhere else!! 🙁

  14. There's a lot of goodness here… the laser-disco-globe at the background in the first panel, Eve as the cutest ghost in the comics… but I say that if that picture gets a bigger drawn version, I'd like it very much. 😀

  15. Ghost Eve is… calm?

    Blasphemy. It must be one of those Evil Ghosts like in Hamlet.

  16. Somehow, I'm not surprised that Marek keeps a framed picture in his jacket pocket.

    And, even in death, Eve continues to be angry.

    1. I’m not surprised either, and that the framed picture is of Eve.

  17. Marek's happy face in the fourth panel made my life.

  18. Waitaminute! Marek just ran out of the room leaving his beloved Hanna in the disco ball death ray room! And he's thinking more about dead Eve!


    1. I think he left the room just as that whole disco ball death ray incident was starting, as he seems unaware of it at the moment. I would hardly call dodging death rays "moping around" lol

  19. When you get out to New York you should have an awesome housewarming party and I shall bake you a cake <3

  20. MAYBE the greatest punchline ever.

  21. Lol best thing to happen on yer birthday is a new OctopusPie comic 😛

  22. I see a spin off in the future.

    The Adventures of Ghost Eve

  23. This is your brain. This is your brain when it's dead. :c

  24. Back to Brooklyn?

    I lived there my first 35 years.


    Best of luck to you!

  25. Interesting how the banner atop your website today is for St. Francis College in downtown Brooklyn.


  26. Sometimes it sucks being English reading comments on american stuff, you had me confused for ages because I thought you were talking about a small island in dorset… When I realised there's probably a portland in america too… I like this new twist. And being a ghost suits Eve, she looks prettier!

    1. There are multiple Portlands in America…Portland, Oregon and Portland, Maine at the very least…

      1. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Portland is a pretty lengthy list of possibilities. Never be certain again!

  27. Marek’s expression in panel six.

    That is all.

  28. I see baked people.

    Just caught 2 bands from Portland – I dunno, the brain drain means we catch bands like the Thermals (WOOO!) and Starf*cker way out here – in Toronto? I can’t argue with that. I know you have more to offer, but between music and coffee, Portland seems set up to export finished product.

  29. This is the first octopus pie strip that I had to wait to come out. Took me weeks to get caught up, but I enjoyed it muchly.

  30. Marek as Teen Wolf is the MOST ADORABLE thing ever. Seriously.

  31. Marek's ears changing with mood


  32. Heh. I just noticed Marek is trying to hug air…. lolz

  33. I just spent like 45 secs trying to figure out how to go to previous comic on your site. I finally found it but man… that arrow is totally not where I am accustomed to looking for them and it sort of disappears in the design. Just thought you'd want to know.

    Fun comic tho! Just started reading it!

  34. Just read all the way from the beginning , AMAZING comic. Can't wait to see how A. Everyone else dies and B.How they come back (presuming this isn't the most original way of ending a comic ever (well okay, it's been done before, notably in Hamlet, but that's not a comic))

  35. Wait, where'd she get that outfit?

  36. Wonderful expressions in this one.

  37. I DEMAND a full-size picture of the American Gothic photo Marek's holding.


  38. I like how Marek is actually caring for the fact that Eve is dead. Everyone else? Pretty douchey.

  39. I'm just glad to know that when you die, you are not stuck in the same outfit you were wearing at the moment of death, because wearing balloon grapes for eternity would have been messed up.

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