#410 – static

Did you guys know that not only am I one of the people organizing Webcomics Weekend - to take place on November 6-7 in Easthampton, MA - but that I'll also be signing books there? It's true! I hope to see you. It was a total blast last year and I think it will be even more fun this time around. And don't forget I'm selling original pages and prints for cheap right now, to fund my return to the east coast! Check 'em out.

52 thoughts on “#410 – static

  1. This storyline is all about Marek

    1. Thank GOD

    2. We needed one.

      1. Indeed! I never said it was a bad thing.

    3. HECK YES! <3

    4. Great, isn't it?

  2. :O what everyone said was right!

  3. Death over Drugs.

    That how Eve rolls!

  4. is greg a furry?

    1. OH I HOPE SO

    2. other have said it before, he is that bear from that khanyay album

  5. Oh, Greg.

    You're such a 'sycho.

  6. Greg looks like Pedobear…. lol

  7. Marek, you are, and always will be, my favorite.

    1. Anyone who doesn't think this way hasn't quite understood the way of the duck

  8. Oh no, something is in the cupboard! Just don't go into the fruit cellar, kay?

  9. bear-greg kicking wolf-marek pathetically in the shin might just be my new favorite comic scene.

  10. i knew it!!


    1. God, I hope so!

    2. I agree (nice avatar, btw)

  11. nobody can be sure it is Greg, he's got his face covered. DUN DUN DUN

  12. Greg's mask. Creepy as hell. Nuff said. O_O

  13. 'Your honor, the defense will be filing a Daubert motion with regard to any so-called "expert testimony" regarding matters of static or other balloon-base electro-magnetism.'

  14. i agree with tessa. I suspect Greg's dismembered corpse is stuffed away in that cupboard.
    its not really clear what clothes greg was wearing in his brief appearance. maybe different trainers? Or did he get to the party early in order to lay his traps? So many cunning ruses

    1. yea, plus this bear dude doesn't believe in ghosts.. but greg's nervous laughter pretty much implied that he did

    2. He looks as though he's wearing some sort of neckerchief in his first appearance, which isn't there in this comic.

      Also, I didn't even notice Eve in this comic until now.

  15. Anyone reminded of Afro Samurai?

    1. Now that's creepy association.

    2. Hahaha, that was my first thought, too!

  16. Looks like someone was watching Afro Samurai….

    Also, you'd think Marek would be a little sharper after smelling bodies in the same room.

  17. SecretlyASuperhero

    It's not greg ^^ greg is chillin in the cupboard

    1. Wow! Good eye. Didn't even notice that.

  18. I love the smell of bodies in the evening. Smells like….Halloween.

  19. O hai Gregsuit Guy, sure is guilty in here. When you're done rinsing the blood off, could you point me towards the punch?

  20. By the way, I'm kind of rooting for Donovan being the killer. What a dick indeed. Scooby Doo ending doodly doo doodly doo

  21. THAT'S NOT GREG! The clothes and shoes are completely different. Remember: Greg was Kanye Bear. This guy is just wearing the gloves and hat!

    1. I noticed that too… Even the mask is different… Look at the way the eyes are positioned

      I hope it's not Greg anyway…

  22. Do we know any potential murderers who would both: 1. wear a blazer with jeans, and 2. be an incredibly wimpy kicker?

  23. Wimp. Whoa, Marek's really pulling out the big guns on this one.

  24. Hmmm… I wonder who's next… any guesses?

    1. Halloween is on Sunday, which is two more comics at best before November. No one else will die; this will be wrapped up within the week.

  25. Actually, Greg looks like the little (and later very big) teddy bear from Akira… be careful, he will turn your floors to milk!

    1. I didn't notice until I read your comment! You're totally correct!

    2. he actually makes me think of takashi murakami's kanye bear (http://bit.ly/zZU7C)

      1. Hahaha, I think you're right, he was meant oto be Kanye. But I can dream!

  26. Who do you think is in that cabinet behind them? Maybe Greg, and the murderer is just posing as him!


  28. Is Greg Kanye's graduation bear?

  29. Looking back at this one, in panel 2 you can see blood or something blood like coming out of the cabinets.

  30. Oh noes, is Eve's body in the cabinet? Or is it another dead body?!

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