#408 – one ounce of joy

Violence! Eek. Thanks to Vera for the knitting terminology.

68 thoughts on “#408 – one ounce of joy

  1. Death by disco. So sad.

    1. In Soviet Russia, Disco kills you!

      1. In North Korea there is 100% safe disco for all

        North Korea, Best Korea

  2. I like how they're all so calm after eve's death-by-swan.

  3. Ha! That's what you get for wanting to bone Ning.

    1. what? that's an awfully sad thing to say

  4. This is exactly how I hope to die.

  5. Where's Marek? IT'S HIM!

  6. Thats no disco ball!

    1. It's a space station.

      1. … yes. Yes forever.

  7. It's a trap! Nope too late.

  8. Disco of Death vs. Laser Floyd! Pyew Pyew!

  9. So… no one bothered to ask why there was even a disco ball in the middle of a study/library? Its mere presence in such a location is fishy… OF COURSE SOMEONE WAS GOING TO DIE D:

  10. This is like the weirdest remake of The Cube ever.

    1. Er, I mean Cube, the science fiction movie, not The Cube, the arthaus short film by Jim Henson

      1. I like that movie.

        The death I'd like to see, though, is the laser hallway from Resident Evil.

  11. It was obviously Hanna. She shot bullets out of her hip-cannons. NO, NOT ASSCANNONS, HIP CANNONS!

  12. Increasing local funk parameters. Target judged: ungroovy.

  13. It's pyew-pyew-pyewissant!

    Aaaand… it killed Pyewget Sean!

  14. Wow. Will's anger in panel 4 is intense. Justified, but incredibly intense.

    Also "The woman I probably would've boned if she ever asked." Totally a narrow field there. Yup.

  15. That death face is priceless he is bugging out.

  16. Knitted gusset has got me terrified!

  17. You know what would have really made this? A narrator to link things together and provide Vincent Price-esque laughter and a pun after each death.

    "Eve…She took a… SWAN DIVE! Mua-hah-hah-hah!"

    "He should have played the BeeGees… haven't you heard Stayin' Alive? Mua-hah-hah-hah!"

    1. You have just won all of the internets.

      1. With your winnings, you may now buy a google search.

        Isn't ANYONE else goggling about HannAstroBoy?

        I always said

        that disco was dead

        or rather

        that disco would kill.

  18. D: Wheres Marek? I hope he isn't dead…

  19. I'm really, really exhausted right now, so when I saw the disco ball in the third panel at first I totally thought it was actually spinning, and I was like "Whoa, cool, she made this one animated."

    But then I realized I'm just crazy.

  20. Laser disco ball… okay, this is just getting silly. XD

  21. Will's angry faces are the best angry faces.

    Also, Death by Disco; it is my dream death.

  22. Lovin' the X's for the eyes 😀

  23. Quite a chain of deaths from Eve to Puget Sean. There's a huge gap of importance and awesomeness there.

  24. The knitting terminology had me going, "OMG I NEED TO FINISH THOSE SOCKS!"

    I'm pretty boring. But the pew pew sounds were pretty rockin'.

    1. Reading this totally got me to pull out a pair of socks I’d been neglecting and finish them. Woo, new pair of socks!

  25. Fill 'em with daylight?

  26. Man, I had only ever heard the term "gusset" in the context of ladies' underthings (and only in the context of British television), so when I read that it had a gusset AND a heel I thought it was some sort of hysterical avant-garde handmade lingerie, and then I read the alt text. Sad.

  27. *Obligatory "Disco is Dead" joke*

  28. I'm noticing a pattern.

    — MrJM

    1. Do tell…


  29. Death by Ster-

    Oh wait, wrong musical themed death quote.

    1. oh man, Lost Boys reference!! 😀

  30. Burn, baby, burn; it's a disco inferno.

    1. Also: Marigold et al. are clearly unaware that READING IS FREAKING AMAZING. http://www.octopuspie.com/2007-11-30/078-its-cool

  31. Disco, disco, on the ball

    stop shooting death lasers at us all

  32. SecretlyASuperhero

    is Will like the only one who really cares that someone DIED?? i woulda been traumatized as heck!!

    also wow Sean u wanted 2 bone eve

    and disco death! that's how i wanna go…

  33. Marigold doesn't like reading, but she likes Avatar? Ohhhh I hope she dies a grisly death!

  34. …where was Marigold keeping her knitting things?

  35. Panel four, I'm loving indignant Will.

    Backfire at the Disco.


  36. no one cares that eve is dead

    except marek, but he's mysteriously disappeared

  37. D’awww Will in panel two… Hmmm Sean you were being a bit of a crum bum with the whole “bone” line so meh you deserved to be disco lasered to death

  38. Now that's a cheat and a half….

  39. is this some sort of sick way to end the comic or something?

    1. Remember these two golden words:

  40. Hunter S. Thompson

    I feel the same way about disco, as I do about herpes.


  41. Where's cute customed Matek? He might be the killer!

  42. That just ain't groovy, yo. XD

  43. Victor's the killer. Mark my words.

    1. Totally classist, dude. Not cool.

  44. for sean, that description probably applies to every woman

  45. It's murder at the dance floor!

  46. Alt-text: "That's gonna be one awesome left sock"

    This left me howling more than it should! ?

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