#406 – [scream]

Forgive the lack of updates - this was one hectic week. Fortunately, I've gotten a lot of necessary travel and apartment-hunting done (more on that later), and I'm now up in Massachusetts for some event planning (more on THAT later). It's gorgeously autumn-like here. Have a good weekend!

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  3. [SCREAM]

  4. Is this a canon?


    1. I knew it! I knew there would be someone asking if this was canon!

      1. Actually, questioning if it's A canon – perhaps (facetiously) confusing the term with artillery?

        1. Is it a canon?

          Is it a canon?

          Is it a canon?

  5. Well, my plan of going to the Halloween party as grapes from Octopus Pie just popped.

    1. ha ha


    2. Grapes from octopus pie? Cheeky!

      1. Man that recipe sounds amazing.

  6. i smell a twist

  7. The swan did it.

  8. Before she died, do you think Eve let out a little whine?

    By the way guys, if you're in the market for a giant pointy mineral crystal to make shish-kabobs out of your Halloween guests, I *highly recommend* the Astro Gallery on 34th and Madison. http://www.astrogallery.com/ It's like a little museum. It's just magnificent. And some of the pieces are just huge.

    1. As a jewelry and gem nerd, I’ve always wanted to go there.

    2. Haha, I'm normally not much of a fan of puns, but that was pretty good.

      1. You win pun points. Seriously.

    3. …. >.> …… <,< ….HA! AHAHAHAHA! Oh i so get it now! XD good one! goood onnnne!

    4. I just want you to know that pun still made someone laugh some ten-and-a-half years later

  9. I know this isn't canon but I really gasped when I saw that first panel.

    Rare violence coming from this strip.

    1. The only other time I can think of is Will beating the bejesus out of Bertilak:


      But he deserved it for the awesomeface, "Sir Blochus of Cochus", and "Tulta munille!" (Finnish for 'blue balls'?).

      And because Will has a TEMPER!!!

      Now I can't stop giggling.

      1. Well that was just Will being awesome.

        I guess this is the first time we've seen 'Saw' like violence in the strip.

      2. I think it was a battlecry that meant "shoot for the balls".

        AKA, the best god damned battlecry history has yet seen.

  10. Hahaha poor sixth panel Marigold.

    But… where's Greg? J'accuse!

    1. this. he's my prime suspect.

    2. Yeah, at first Greg is totally going down for this. I hope this month pans out like the Tim Curry movie Clue.

      1. That's my hope for all months.

  11. the latest storyline button goes all the way back to a door next to this door

    1. also marek’s reaction and hanna’s entrance are hilarious

  12. Where is greg indeed!?

  13. Just like Drew Barrymore in Scream!

  14. lol dead eve’s face in panel 1 is hilarious!

    what if eve is faking so they won’t suspect her sour attitude as the reason for murdering the rest?

  15. …Mareks ears…

    They're actually moving like real wolf ears do.

    …I want to scratch them. NOW.

    1. I am also amusing by his adorable moving ears 😛

  16. What! WHAT!

    "Have a good weekend!"

    You suddenly turn Moebius on us and you end up saying "Have a good weekend!"!!??

  17. Lol, so not canon.


  19. she died the way i live…jumping on spikes

  20. guys, every single character is going to die this october.

    it's called October Die for a reason.

  21. Clearly cosmic karma for having a laaaaaaaame costume, Eve!

  22. I love sad face Navi!Meredith.

    Also… yyyyyikes!

  23. Good. Eve's dead. It'll be interesting to see how the rest of the cast interacts without her presence.

    Just a thought–were all the guests shown in the first chapter of this arc, or is Meredith hiding some of them from us?

  24. From now on the story will just be about David Bowie, trapped eternally in an ever more comfortably-sized apartment, regaling us with tales of his youth and the occasional but well warranted moments of contemplative silence.

    1. YES. YES. MAKE IT SO.

  25. haha, it's not every comic that is willing to have the protagonist be the first victim in a murder mystery. I love it.

  26. Next storyline: "Eve Lives"

  27. Damn it! Why is it whenever I go to buy the original piece of art somebody has already beat me to eeet!

    Damn your popularity.

  28. How the crap did she manage to fall on the spikes?

  29. That… that was sudden! O_o

    …wait a minute! What happened to Eve's costume? XO

    1. It popped! (hense the popping in the last strip)

      you can even see a few dead balloons taped to her in the first pannel lol.

  30. I never tire of X’s for dead eyes. Can’t wait to see what happens next!

  31. I'm intrigued by your comic's new direction, Mr. Shyamalan.

    — MrJM

  32. Is that a Finn costume I spy?

    1. thats what i thought…..i totally want one.

  33. Got it – he's from Scribblenauts

    1. Scribblenauts? I figured he was "teen wolf" ?

  34. I think we're all ignoring the more important issue here:


  35. Marek is hilariously innocent.

    1. *flashlight* It's always the innocent ones.

      *lays creepy msic*

  36. found the webcomic today, spent all day reading it. very very funny

    must. have. it. /heads over to amazon…. greetings from germany 🙂

    /oh, cc licensed – nice!

  37. Please let Marigold be next, please let Marigold be next, please let Marigold be next…

  38. Best. Prank. Ever.

    Eve's coolness just skyrocketed.

  39. That's not even a grape press!

    Oh well.

    (Cue "Alfred Hitchcock Presents" theme)



  41. Well, Frank… it looks like this vintage evening… *dons shades* …has gone sour.


  42. the dude's dressed up as finn from adventure time ahhahaha

    and noooo poor eve!!!

  43. I shotgun next go at main character.

    Hey! Stop pushing in line!

  44. I bet all Marek had to do for his costume (for the wolf bit) was put the ears on. He had all the other fuzz already, oh and whiskers lol and nose paint or w/e

  45. Eve was killed first because she would have been able to figure it out.

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