#405 – from something

Gasp, it's a black-and-white comic! Will tone when I haven't been flying all day. New York Comic Con starts today - and I'll be at the Dumbrella booth!

69 thoughts on “#405 – from something

  1. Eve is wrong. Grapes are from something. Nature. She should get an original idea next time.

    1. Grapes are from Fruit of the Loom.

    2. You mean like that show on PBS, "Nature?"


    Can I hug him?! Please?!

    I'll keep you safe, Marekitty!!

    1. I do believe Marek is supposed to be Teen Wolf

      1. Oh, I thought he was supposed to be the MJ wolf from Thriller?

        1. Debate settler!

          Teen Wolf's letter jacket has a "B" on it for the "Beavers". Michael Jackson's werewolf letter jacket has an "M" on it. Marek is the Thriller werewolf. (Also, Teen Wolf's fur resembles Chewbacca's much more than the Thriller wolf's does.)

      2. Oh who cares!?

        He's still hugable.

        1. I totally agree! I do wanna hug him!

    2. I thought Marek was a lion :O oh well he's still cute

  3. YOU'RE from grapes!

    1. I graped your mother last night.

      1. oh god i just got how wrong that is.

      2. Mike? Is that you?

        1. Faz is victorious.

  4. Eve is the Grapes of WRATH!

    1. Eve is sour grapes.

    2. Pfffffffffft.

      That shouldn't be that funny, but it is.

    3. That's exactly what I thought!

  5. The non-referentially costumed female character always goes first.

    1. And here I was certain that Puget Sean was the one who had been put in the story for the sole purpose of dying first.

      Actually, we haven't had the "it's just a cat!"-scare yet, so that could still be the case.

  6. Why is Marek so adorable?

    And why is Teen Wolf Marek so much MORE adorable???

    (Direct correlation with tiny fangs.)

  7. Gasp! I didn't even notice it wasn't toned until I read your comment 🙁

  8. Hahaha, awesome! This one made me LOL

    1. She's more like sour grapes.

  9. Marek's cringe from the door slam (not to mention his wolf ears flattening a bit) is just too awesome.

  10. Squawking popinjay

    Good grief!

  11. I saw that movie xD

  12. that podcast joke just about killed me, haha 😀

    I love it when comic characters are in costume.

  13. There is absolutely no raisin that Eve is dressed as grapes.

    1. Right. So people should really not wine about it and enjoy the story.

      1. You two are now officially my favorite internet commenters ever.

  14. It would appear that Eve's costume didn't provide sufficient cushioning to protect her from multiple impacts…

  15. "Not everything is from something!"


    — MrJM

    1. And what, a badge that says "Ask Me About where this Tee is from"?

  16. She is the sour grapes that fox gets in that one fable.

  17. The first four panels of this strip are the funniest thing I've seen in a while.

  18. Someone pop all eves grape balloons?

    1. Can't wait till we see her again, deflated balloons draped all over her.

      A bunch of raisins…

      1. Why does nobody say sultanas? Does nobody know what sultanas are? They are delicious.

        Then again, they're not very punny.

        1. MUST everything we say be a wine or grape related pun?

  19. I know! It's from the hit Broadwway musical, Grapes! It's the story of a hardworking migrant family who are working in Virginia's wine country. Their youngest son is too bright and creative to be a migrant worker, and spends his days making stories and songs about the things around him, which inevitably means that he doesn't work enough and gets into trouble.

    Eve should break into the Grapes song, "Don't Step On Me (Some Grapes Gotta Live)" from the first picking scene.

    1. SecretlyASuperhero


  20. I'm unsure how, precisely, grapes would be from a podcast.

    Anyhow. I strongly fear Eve has met a sticky end at the bottom of the stairs, impaled upon the angry swan.

  21. Grapes halloween costume is in a recent show on MTV called Life as Liz.

    1. I am so glad I'm not the only one who's watched this series….. haven't met anyone else who does….. then again…. don't normally watch MTV anymore

      "i got kicked out of barnes and noble once for moving all the bibles into the fiction section" -bash.org

  22. Marek's head reminds me of wild things! Cuuuuuute 😀

  23. Oh Nooo'z I have a feeling she's about to become Raisons from Grapes.

  24. I love reading all your comments, because it makes me look at the comic in a different way, notice more details. Also, some of you are funny!!

  25. At least the black guy didn't go first.

    Oh wait, there aren't any. This comic is racist.

    Please don't take me seriously.

  26. I'm actually liking it not being toned. Looks really clean and nice!

  27. i wish i read that you were going to be at the Dumbrella booth, i was there today and looked all over the place… i guess just not there Q.Q

  28. I just got done reading everything from comic #1. Yes.

  29. It was very nice to meet you at Comic Con yesterday, Ms. Gran. Thank you again for your advice and the free sketch.

  30. Reginald Cornishston

    Same here! Thank you for the sketch and the pint glass. I'll make good use of it.

    Sorry to hear about the Topatoco team's tribulations in Chicago. A thousand plagues on their enemies!

  31. Eve's not grapes. She's the Mars Lander.

    1. LOL!!! She has Spirit, she seeks Opportunity, she's all a Sojourner!!

  32. When will the next update be? Eve is worrying me!

  33. I just realized all those pops must be Eve's grapes!

  34. R.I.P. Everest Ning

    'Not everything is from something'


    The black and white makes it more dramatic. (maybe color in the negative space with a very dark screentone) If they're all like this from here on out, it wouldn't feel unnatural

    1. meaning, all the ones in this particular story from here on out

  35. First thing I thought when I saw the grapes was the outfit from Fancy Nancy's Halloween book. (yes, a kids book)

    Look inside, it's a couple pages in.

    I also didn't notice it wasn't shaded until i was mentioned.

  36. Ahuahua I don't like Eve like Grapes. But. I love Marek like Teen Wolf. So cute! XD

  37. people like grapes! (shh im not late)

  38. >did not tone

    I see your lies, Ms. Gran. :@

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