#404 – octopus die

Today is Wednesday, and I'm on my way to NYC! See some of you at New York Comic Con! Hooray!

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  1. Yay! Halloween!

  2. Hanna wins the award for best costume.

    1. I never realised how big her tattoo was. Man, that must have been the subject of some grade-A regret.

      1. The Prolific Mr. Ano

        Is she capable of Grade-A Regret? I seem to remember she thought it was an amusing story when it was first revealed.

    2. I won't be satisfied until Hannah shoots bullets out of her butt.

  3. Best Hallowe'en costumes ever! Marek's Teen-Wolf is inspired

  4. I love Hannah's "nude" tube top so she can pull off Astroboy's torso.

    Here's a little more Octo-art I've drawn. This is the piece I gave Mer when she visited the Laughing Ogre comic shop in Columbus OH. She may recall me as the nervous tall guy who paced around the shop for 20 minutes before getting the courage to finally go up to her table. http://tiny.cc/6hv77

  5. Puget Sean's hat! Is! AWESOME!

  6. Is Eve dressed like grapes?

    …sour grapes?

    1. Fruit of the Loom grapes! 😀

    2. Fruit of the Loom! She needs a guy dressed as an apple, and maybe a couple of guys dressed like leaves…

  7. Is Puget Sean's hat Finn's? From Adventure Time?

    1. Oh! And, hahaha, Marigold is a Na'vi, right?

    2. I really wish I had a friend like Hanna.

  8. OH MY GOD BEST HALLOWEEN COMIC EVER. I might color this strip just to see what Nav'i Marigold really looks like. Also Hannah is fucking awesome for being astro boy

  9. Astroboy Hanna is fantastic, but I just have to say how hard I laughed at "DESCENDED FROM GHOSTS"!

    1. That would be the best superhero origin story ever.

  10. Loved the punchline.

  11. Is Eve dressed as "Grape" Expectations or The Grapes of Wrath?

  12. The horror. I shall'n't be able to sleep tonight.

  13. Greg, please tell me you are not dressed as a Pedobear.

    1. Actually, that seems to be the Kanye West teddy bear.

  14. OK I got Hanna and Marek (and I guess Eve?), and now I see Marigold as Na'vi, but who's Will? I want to say Howard Hughes? And the other two, I can't see them well enough.

    1. I think he's Brad Pitt in Inglorious bastards. Ltn. Aldo Raine.

    2. He reminds me of Frederick Loren (Vicent Price) on Haunted House on the Hill. It'd make sense with the whole one night on a haunted house thing.

      1. No, he's definitely Aldo the Apache. He has the distinctive neck scar and everything.

        1. Lt. Aldo Raine or not, he's one classy bastard

  15. The night's barely begun and poor Greg's already sweating. Dropout Bear was an inspired choice, however.

  16. I just noticed the scar on Will's neck. Greatest costume ever.

  17. "Are any of you actually afraid of ghosts?"

    Oooh, ooooh! Marek is! Teen Wolf Marek is afraid of ghosts! (So adorable)

  18. I had the same costume as Eve last year 😀 the best part was popping all the balloons and pretending I'd been massacred

  19. Marek as a kitty?! EEEE!!! Can I hug him?!

  20. *Spaz!* So many things! So many things!

    Nervous Greg's 'heh', Hanna and Marek's costumes (especially Marek's), Eve's half raised hand, Marek's very scared but enthusiastic hand raising, the scroll-over text, and the 'He was descended from GHOSTS!'. All of these registered either a laugh or a yelp of excitement from me. Marigold's Na'vi got an 'augh' from me, though, but now I'm sort of laughing about it. That is something she would do.

    Love it. Love the site's new colors too. I have to say, this is probably my favorite strip in a long time.

  21. hahaha, I love Marek as Thriller Werewolf Michael Jackson. It would have made me wish that Hanna was still Vincent Price if it weren't for the fact that she's Astroboy now.

    1. AHAHA! You're right, it is Thriller werewolf! I thought it was awesome as Teen Wolf, now it's even better.

  22. Greg is totally afraid of ghosts.

  23. Marek – look how high you've raised that hand! You're not afraid to be afraid…I love you, man.

  24. Oh my god Greg is the Kanye Bear.

  25. Puget Sean's costume is MATHEMATICAL!

    1. SecretlyASuperhero

      haha okay i'm not the only one who gets this :p

  26. Forgot to mention Hanna's tattoos as part of the awesome. It definitely is.

  27. Finn the human!!!

  28. Okay, I've spent a good 5 minutes looking this strip over and over and I simply don't see Sean or his awesome costume. What am I missing?

    1. SecretlyASuperhero

      its a new show on cartoon network called adventure time, hah watch it

      but anyways here's finn the human boy: http://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=http://lolly-

    2. You're missing the best cartoon that's out right now. Adventure Time! Heck yes!

  29. fuck yesss finn and jake

  30. lolol.. if ghosts indeed do exist, then everyone is descended from them!

  31. I miss Victor..

  32. I don't think Marigold is a Navi. She is holding a clay liquor jug, and she just looks like a dirty hippy. If anything she's a Dionysian… I can't figure it out.

    I LOVE drag king Hanna, hotness! First creepy-sexy dracula and now astroboy, fantastic!

    1. The Prolific Mr. Ano

      Read the tweets — she brought two jugs for the party. Presumably of that really awful moonshine??

    2. "A dirty hippy" with stripes and pointed ears. Hey, why not.

  33. Ah that further explains it. I assumed that it was Larry dressed as Finn the Human Boy. I'll check out Adventure Time, thanks!

  34. This storyline has me so excited!

  35. I spent the past week reading Octopus Pie from beginning to…now, & this looks like a pretty neat story to start looking forward to ^_^

  36. Am I the only one who thinks Will is wearing an Adventure Time costume? >_>

  37. Awesome costumes!

    I'm leaving first thing Friday for Saturday only. 🙁 oh well.


  39. 16 year old archeologist, and decended from ghosts?!?! total win.

    1905-1921 RIP you brave fool.

  40. I love Mareks very genuine "I'm scared!" reaction 😀 ANd I noticed Marigold holding one the previously mentioneg jugs.

  41. I almost spit my drink all over my computer screen when I saw "Octopus Die". For some reason that just tickled me a whole lot. Probably because of the voice I imagined saying it..

  42. Marek in panel six made me crack the fuck up.

    Thanks, Ms. Gran.

  43. Marek = perfect werewolf.

  44. Im loving Pugets Adventure Time costume


  46. Aw Eve and Marek. I am too! It's alright!

  47. Best. Costumes. Ever.

  48. But, Hannah… You made them leave home just because you thought it was haunted…

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