#403 – here come the guests

Here we go with a new story! Hope you enjoy this one. Don't forget folks - I'll be at New York Comic Con this week! With bells on, just bells everywhere.

59 thoughts on “#403 – here come the guests

  1. Awww, Greg is adorable in a sad and lonely way. He's just like me when I was 14!

    1. Except, you know, he's twenty something which make's it less sad and more pathetic really….

      1. Or… more sad and pathetic rather?

  2. Nice Pricestache !

  3. LeBlanka? Hehe, cool…

  4. >>Watch out for this one. The best one.<<


  5. Not specific to this strip, but my latest fanart endeavor. http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y263/Brian12345/

    1. Damn you! I've fallen in love with Victor all over again!

    2. Thousands of thumbs up for Victor! 😀

    3. And a Black Keys reference to boot! Or did they get it from somewhere else? Cool pic

  6. "Yikes"? O Sinister Narrator Hanna, my heart, she is broken.

  7. i love marek's.

  8. This is going to be the start of something great yes. I can't wait to pick up your book at NYCC as well!

  9. This just made my week! and I love the 'leblanka' name, nice touch. Can't wait to see this all unfold!

  10. The signpost up ahead: "THE OCTOPUS PIE ZONE".

  11. So many goodness in this comic… it starts with "Hanna Price" and ends with "LeBlanka". My smile is not fading for a good while! 😀

  12. I am so ready for this. Nobody rocks a holiday like Octopus freakin Pie.

  13. are you not going to make "character twitter accounts" like in this comic? =P

  14. Forgive me if I've just missed this before, but… Hanna is "H. S. Thompson?" When the going gets weird…!

  15. I can't help but wish that she had been more like the crypt keeper and less like price.

  16. I am amazed by how good of a Vincent Hanna does. Also by the fact that she doesn't have a picture of Marek on her phone.

    1. I think the replies are all tweets, so Marek just doesn't have an avatar on his twitterthing. Hence the vague one word message; Polish stallions are notoriously fond of brevity when it comes to social networking sites.

  17. Should I recognize Eve's avatar?

    Jesus, Sean, is that Kremmen of Star Corps? You must be as old as I am to remember "The Kenny Everett Video Show." It briefly ran in a late-night slot (after "SNL," I think) here in Baltimore about 1979.

    1. Well, I'm not sure, but – Dr. Fu Manchu? Maybe?

    2. I don't think her avatar is supposed to be a reference to anything. It's definitely one of those face your manga avatar-creator things, I see them all over lj.

    3. Yep, that is indeed Captain Kremmen! And if "1963" is any clue, I may indeed be exactly as old you. Two for two.

  18. marek probably just got a facebook account because hanna has one, and hasn't bothered to set it up at all. peer pressure.

    1. that's twitter and its current default avatar but yeah

  19. Wait, I'm confused-if Will told Eve he didn't want to be friends anymore then why is he planning parties and inviting her?

  20. I am SO crashing this party. Or murdering someone. Perhaps both?

    (insert creepy VP laugh from Thriller here)

  21. Sadly, the LeBlanka reference is over my head and confuses me greatly. I feel shame, but I don't know why.

    1. Well, his full name is Will LeBlanc, and he is using the Street Fighter character Blanka to make a pun on his last name. That is also Blanka as his twitter avatar pic.

    2. Also, compare Will in this OP strip – http://www.octopuspie.com/2009-07-31/312-beating-… – with this picture: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Super_Blanka.pn… (well, they don't look exactly alike, but I'm sure Will would be a quite good Blanka :p)

  22. Hanna's rocking the Andrew Ryan look super hard.

  23. Hooooooly crap, is Octopus Pie doing a send-up of "House on Haunted Hill" right now? Is that what's happening here? Because my head might explode from excitement, honestly. Two great tastes that TASTE GREAT TOGETHER.

  24. Well, NOW you've done it. I'm going to be searching for those Twitter accounts.

  25. I love how Marek's "via mobile phone" tweet is cut off so it looks like "via mob". It makes the peer pressure thing so much more hilarious.

  26. OMG Leblanka!

    classic… I couldn't stop laughing when i read that!

  27. Hooray for the Con!

  28. Who is that in Eve's avatar? doesn't really matter, cause Hanna as Vincent Price is too freakin' awesome!

  29. I've watched too many cartoons when instead of seeing and knowing that she was Vincent Price, I spent the whole strip hearing her dialog with Phil Ken Sebben's voice. The lack of an eye patch should have been a hint *doh*.

    But still. I think Hannah would pull off a great Phil too. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nzc-c1-XIPo&fe

  30. Has it been brought up before that her middle name starts with S? Because I definitely just picked up on the Hunter S. Thompson thing with her screenname.

  31. It is literally maddening to have to wait for updates.

  32. Oh spooky. There are actually twitter accounts in these names. Its UnCanny! 😉

    1. Actually, there's only one for eve. None of the others will come up if you search for them.

  33. to be honest, I read Hanna's lines as Vincent Price – well, not so much as VP specifically, but actually as the actor who plays Vincent Price in Yacht Rock, because that show was fantastic.


    She obviously needs to contact Koko's ghost.

  34. Huh- Greg seems to be the odd one out here. How did he get an invite?

    I love that he showed up on time, i.e. at least half an hour before anyone is expected.

  35. Hanna would be retweeting Kanye West.

  36. Is… Is marigold making a duckface?

  37. Haha this totally screams Twilight Zone!!!

    1. I was getting a And Then There Were None kind of vibe but I could be super fucking wrong. I'm pretty sure I am.

  38. my dad's name is william leblanc 😮

  39. Eve's profile pic reminds me of faceyourmanga.

  40. whoa just noticed puget sean’s bee thousand av i wanna befriend his ass

  41. ActionShakespeare

    extremely disappointed @leblanka doesn't exist

  42. I… I find Hanna inexplicably attractive with that mustache. What… what the fuck?

  43. I like how Sean has Bee Thousand by Guided By Voices as his avatar, that's rad 🙂

  44. I think the Moustached Hannah is supposed to be like Vincent Price, as in: when Vincent Price hosted the TV [mystery + murder movies], on the 1980s PBS show named, "Mystery".

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