#397 – get in there

Wow, I don't know about you guys but this week was a killer. I'm gonna sleep a little bit!

31 thoughts on “#397 – get in there

  1. In panel five I imagine him shouting, "First the garbage, then the world!!!"

  2. Huh, did we leave the tripod somewhere?

    1. Bah, they just figure the tripod'll still be there when they come back. It's not like it's gonna run away on its little legs, is it ?

      What ?

    2. Maybe they did like me and /found/ the tripod in the garbage, realized it was crap and threw it back in there

  3. Danger, scam Robinson, who's getting dirty wile some one else cheers, bad deal on the horizon.

  4. Larry is so much trouble, and poor Will doesn't know how to be in ANY relationship (girls, friends, work, etc.) without jumping head first and shooting immediately the gold medal.

  5. Good ol' pizza-back Will.

  6. Sign me up for ten copies of this book, please.

  7. please make dumpster diving will and his strangely triumphant and angry face into a print or something. that was nothing short of amazing.

    1. I think it needs to be a print of the final product, after the flaming dollar bills are poorly photoshopped in.

  8. They're so cute!


    "Ambiguously jovial time with a multicultural friend" as we surf the internet together! Bonus points for creepily leaning over her and pointing at something on the screen while she looks surprised!

    (I had to do SEVERAL of those photos in college)

  10. When did "Multicultural" take over from "someone from another ethnicity/tax bracket/legal state"? I mean, it's smoother, but couldn't we do better?

  11. Larry might be coming down, but Will still seems to be HIGH as HELL.

    Also, that is probably the wettest dumpster ever, to SPLOOSH like that. Eeeeww.

  12. A bit off topic, but what do you all think Larry's hair color is? I'm thinking blonde.

  13. "Ambiguously jovial time with a multicultural friend." <– LOVE IT. That made my day right there.

  14. Will's crazy eyes are coming back.

  15. People taking personal photos so they deliberately look like stock photos. The end of design as we know it.

    1. Lily, these aren't personal photos, these are business photos for his scam book!

      1. The whole point of stock photos is that you don't take them, they're generic and bought off the internet.

        1. I think here they're taking stock photos tailor-made for other scam artists, to include with their scambook.

  16. Hahaha awesome comic!

  17. Ahh, the tripods you get with digital cameras now usually just fall apart in fifteen minutes after you buy them anyway so they are just being sensible.

    Great comic, Meredith. Those crazy eyes rule!

  18. The facial expressions in this are solid gold, dipped in luscious chocolate and wrapped in thick-cut applewood smoked bacon.

    1. Yuck.

      1. Exactly my reaction. Yuck.

  19. WIL! You're FORGETTING that you're meeting Eve and probably your girlfriend at chuggies and now you smell like GARBAGE!

  20. HEHE stock photos can be quite weird… some of the stuff I've come across is hilarious!

  21. Panel Five: "Ah! After Ten thousand years I'm free! It's Time to Conquerr Earth!"

    In all seriousness, Its abit odd seeing Will act like this. Out of Eve's friends Will always seemed very put-together despite his career. It's weird seeing him act like Hannah lol.

  22. Is Will having, like, a mid-life crisis??

  23. Guys, Will's a goddamn loose cannon, he ain't put together or mid-life crisis-ing, he's just fairly smart and kinda nuts.

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