#396 – lying to be nice

I meant to post this comic for Wednesday, but things were more exhausting after SPX than I'd expected. Enjoy a comic today and another one tomorrow!

20 thoughts on “#396 – lying to be nice

  1. The placebros are looking quite stylish!

  2. Aw, Will's been touché.

  3. Larry's up to something. I think it rhymes with 'Larrigold'.

  4. Seems Larry's basis for "honest as fuck" is a little skewed…

  5. love it. one drug dealer asking another about honesty. i wonder if marigold and larry might have something cooking in the future? larry might be able to give her that exciting, spur of the moment facade she'd been wanting from will.

  6. Larry just shucked and jived Will hard. "You always come through for me" isn't the same as, "You're an honest guy".

    Something is afoot.

    1. And not just the razor blade Larry stepped on.

      1. The Grinning Bandit

        The razor blade wasn't a foot, it was IN a foot!

        (Why does everybody keep making cracks about drug dealers talking about honesty? Drug dealers are people, too. I've met some decent ones in my time.)

  7. Larry can't see Will as dishonest, as that would mean seeing *himself* as dishonest. Nobody can acknowledge their own morality as wrong without completely destroying their sense of self (which, of course, Will is on the verge of going through). Larry probably chooses to believe his shuckster ways don't hurt anyone, and sees himself as a lovable scamp rather than a crook. I think he genuinely believes Will to be a "good guy" by his own definition of those terms.

    There probably IS some scam going on though. Just because he sees Will as a a "good guy" won't necessarily stop Larry from using the guy in his machinations.

  8. Poor Will. He looks well and truly bummed out.

  9. Aw, am I the only person who thinks Larry is just trying to be a good bro?

    Larry reminds me of some friends I've had, and while the morals aren't in the right place, they try to be respectable (but fun) people.

    I don't know. If Larry's a jerk it'll break my heart!

  10. Will's got his pout on in panel two

  11. this has nothing to do with this particular strip; but does anyone else think that if octopus pie was an animated series, Brian Posehn would voice merek?

  12. Honest-to-fuck! Can't argue with honest-to-fuck.

  13. Man, I just love this comic. D:> It's too awesome.

  14. Wikipedia. Digging in deep there, Larry.

  15. "You're an honest-to-fuck good guy…now let's focus on this instructional scam artist book."

    Not too often a webcomic makes me laugh out loud–wonderful juxtaposition.

  16. LOL drug dealers talking about honesty and scamming… funny stuff

  17. Liars! Liars all of them!

    And then I laughed :3

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