#384 – what’s familiar

I drew today's comic with a brand new brush! My old one was pretty raggedy. It makes the process all that much faster when you're not constantly shaping the tool. My new brush is super and springy and will live forever!

34 thoughts on “#384 – what’s familiar

  1. Aw, poor kid. Between Park leaving and being homeless, life is really kicking her in the stones. So to speak.
    Actually, right now I’d LOVE to pick up and move to a new town, but I’m old and I’ve got so much crap to deal with it’s completely daunting.

  2. I like the art change in Park! I might actually like him now.

  3. Eve knows exactly what question to ask in a crisis.

  4. Ha! Park got a haircut for his new job! And, based on his panel-2 dialogue, is still holding out hopes that Eve will follow him. Nice touch, making it slightly smaller than the previous text in the same panel, so it looks like he just slipped it in as "something to think about."

    1. I’m still holding out hope she’ll follow him too! Being homeless is a perfect time to move…

  5. The artwork has always been some of the best around, but since the switch to thrice weekly everything seems to be taken up a level. It has been really inspiring to see the growth of great cartoonist reach even greater heights.

  6. Park is manipulating! Again!

    1. How? It seems like she called him, and he’s trying to listen to her problems. He’s in a law firm, so he probably did have to get off the phone. I don’t see what you’re seeing here.

      1. I infer his line: "That's 'homey', Eve, I'm your homey!" Unless that was just her reaction to accidentally calling him "honey" when they're supposedly broken up… but it wasn't a hostile breakup! I suppose it works either way.

        1. The "homie" exchange is all Eve correcting herself. The little lightning bolt in the stem of the speech bubble, plus the squarish shape of the speech bubble is cartoonese for sounds coming out of a phone.

      2. Hmm, I may have misunderstood Park's reference, now that I read the strip again. I got the feeling he's trying to convince Eve of not taking moving with him too hard.

  7. Sigh. I wish today's strip were a bit less… accurate. Seriously, nice work!

  8. i just love this comic…
    nuff said….

  9. Man I wish me and my ex's could be able to try and be 'friends'. Every time we have tried we end up dating again for some bullshit reason. Especially the ones with lots of history and emotional attachment behind them. I have a feeling that's what's happened with Eve and Park before, and I guess now the progress of actually getting over one another will be easier with the distance they have between them.

  10. Hey, if you don't mind me asking, what brand is your new brush? You get such gorgeously thin and clear lines (of course, you're responsible for more of that than the brush)! I've been having trouble with my relatively new Pentel pocket brush clogging.

    1. I’ve been using Windsor & Newton Series 7 brushes (#3) for some time now. Dip brushes will always be superior to brush pens in terms of ink control. (but yeah, it mostly depends on how much you’ve practiced inking)

  11. i love eve’s new hair. it’s matches how unruly and out of control her lifes feels at the moment!

    i still feel a little silly for wanting eve and will to somehow happen.

    1. I actually don't like Eves hair all a mess but I understand with where her life is at that she's not concerned with the way she looks. I want Will and Eve to happen too!

    2. i want eve and will to happen too. i'm glad i'm not the only one! 🙂

  12. Nice save there, Eve.

  13. It’s just so weird to see Eve so out of control, it’s so hard releasing control.

  14. Wil and Eve have a lot of the same issues to resolve, but SEPARATELY. That said, their awkward friendship is a must!

  15. That seems pretty easy to resolve, really. Just call one phone with another and hand him both! Bananas might also work.

    1. Ring ring ring ring ring ring ring Bananna phone.

  16. The manager wants to talk to himself? What is this I don't even…

  17. Well, at least it's only "some guy" and not Olly.

  18. Poor Eve… I don't want her going back to being mopey and depressed. It was so… Well, depressing

  19. Panel 8: Park looks like he took an emotional kick in the groin from that "honey" slip.

  20. Windowed office job, huh? Guess they WILL be able to eat at Masa after all.

  21. but she's already on the floor!

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