#383 – george jetson toothbrush

Hope you had a wonderful weekend! It reached supreme hotness levels in Portland, so I went swimming a few times with friends and my little dog, for whom the experience was totally new. Hopefully it'll cool down here soon, 'cause nobody in this town has a cooling device. Buncha rubes!

31 thoughts on “#383 – george jetson toothbrush

  1. Thus, all of Ning’s secrets are revealed.

  2. Hanna wins best face award.

    1. Does her expression remind anyone else of Fat Pony? P:

  3. “Little pinball!” Eve’s mom FTW!

  4. Sorry mom, the Mytubes were clogged.

  5. Hanna loves tangerines SO MUCH.

  6. I would've loved to keep my toothbrush if it had George Jetson on it!!

  7. love how eve's not loving the "home is…" speeches, though i really like marigold's. hanna's tearful love of tangerines and bright love of fire are great too.

  8. Hanna has worse manners than Genghis Khan. Jesus, Hanna.

    Burning that toothbrush is probably not only wise but also advisable. HOW long has Miss Ning kept it for?

    1. I’d assume as many years it was ago that Eve was old enough to love the Jetson’s enough to want the toothbrush.

  9. Eve in a tie and Hanna burning things.

    The cuteness ends not at all.

  10. I love how Hanna equates taking something out to the trash to setting it on fire.

  11. No Hanna don't smoke it!

  12. The funny… err… sadly predictable thing? I have this same conversion with my mother almost every time I go visit. “Mom… I’m 35… I’m not moving back in with my parents…”


  14. Eve should wear a tie more often :]

  15. We of Portland are not rubes! I have several box fans, madam, and I am not afraid to use them!

  16. I LOVE THIS COMIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111one

  17. Hanna truly frightens me sometimes.

  18. eve in panel six is basically me during this exchange:
    mom: i bought you some new shoes
    me: they’re size 7
    mom: you’re a size 7
    me: when i was 11 years old
    mom: you never like anything i buy you
    is mrs. ning channeling jewish guilt???

  19. Is that a young, hirsute Dr. Katz in panel 3?

  20. Am I the only one who thought this was a little heartbreaking, just a tiny bit?

  21. Also what I want to know is why that toothbrush went up in flames like it was soaked in gasoline!

  22. What is in those tangerines? O.o

  23. Anything involving Mama Ning always makes me a little sad. It's like me and my mom, she's genuinely so nice, and means well but you can't agree on everything

  24. I wonder if they planned the whole thing to “enlighten” Eve?

  25. George Jetson toothbrush and Hanna channeling her inner Scooby Doo… is Hanna’s last name Barbara?

  26. FOOM? I have to admit that now, I want a toothbrush that combustible…

    Do I smell tangerine, or gasoline?

  27. OH my god. I have been wearing Eve’s little outfit all summer.

    It’s much cuter on her 🙂

  28. Nice Wavves reference in the alt text.

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