#381 – crashing here

Those of you with sharp memories will recall Eve's beloved Donovan, with whom she had the most romantic night ever. Reunited at last! Have a good middle of the week! Something tells me you will.

27 thoughts on “#381 – crashing here

  1. I forgot who Donovan is. :C

    1. Allow me to refresh your memory.


      That last one is linked in Meredith's comment above, but in case you wanted more context.

      (also: ::shudder::)

      1. Ugh Donovan INDEED.

    2. ME TOO!!! THiS IS SO SAD!!!

  2. Yeah, that Sean guy needs to go, he's giving me the willies.

    1. Freaking agreed, he's like the creeper in the group that nobody really likes.


  3. Are… Are Eve and Will going to sleep in the same appartment ? My awkward-sense is tingling !

    1. I have a sense something's gonna happen 😀

  4. Thats one hell of a Burn for Sean. Sad thing is he WAS going to say "get you all cookies." but was interupted.

    NEVER ASSUME GUYS. It makes an ass out of you. But not me. Never me.

  5. Marek looks possibly the happiest I have ever seen him in this one!

    1. It's just because he's still chuckling over the Awkward Turtle he just made out of Will in the last strip.


  6. Poor Sean. :<

  7. Yeah, Sean, get outta here. No one wants to crash with YOU.

  8. Panel 4 gave me chills, having just been in a situation where I lost my home for a couple weeks. So true. Home is where you find peace. 🙂

  9. Ha ha ha, Marek in the first two panels! Maximizing cheekiness.

  10. Will is my identification character, and I don't want a beard. Dude's gotta shave that shit. And have an awkward moment with Eve in the middle of the night. Oh yeeeah.

  11. Yeah for some reason I'm always pulling for Will and Eve.

  12. I love how angry Eve looks in the first panel. that's a rip-your-face-off look

  13. Man I love Marigold. I think she's my favorite character. She feels so REAL.

    1. I concur. There’s something inherently appealing about a woman who can call her friends “my lovelies” and “assholes” with the same breath.

  14. Omg I love Eve's face in the first and second panels! Will really needs to get rid of that beard! D: I miss his stubble.

  15. I absolutely love it when Octopus Pie comics update.

  16. Ew, Donovan's essence of jerkwad will be all permeating the walls and everything. Creepy dream singularities in their old place would be preferable I think. :c

  17. "That's 'cause mine is BETTER."




  18. Eww please don't get Eve and Donovan together

  19. I take that back – beard-Will doesn't look like a bearded Scott Pilgrim, he looks like a cooler Joseph (the perpetually bitter gay man) from that same comic.

  20. Marigold's response to Puget Sean's angling for floor-space here made a lot more sense to me when I read (in a later alt-text, I think? Or maybe a newspost?) that it is apparently super bad form to crash at an apartment in NYC.

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