#376 – half set of gams

Lol I love Hanna's phone convo. A high point in meta commentary in this comic I think. Hanna kind of loses power over time, including her ability to manipulate the 4th wall. Do we still combine celebs' names to make their couple name? I didn't hear a lot of "Jailey" or "Pariana" in 2018.

3 thoughts on “#376 – half set of gams

  1. Hanna loses power but her impact gains significance

  2. Hanna OTOH preferred "Peeve".

  3. Hanna doesn't look like Hanna, to me, in panels 3 and 4. Her eye tilt makes her look… focused? Without being annoyed or angry? Her eyes just look so sharp. It's possibly the only comic in the series for which I can clearly visibly identify that she is not high.

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