#378 – a door next to this door

A few things changed beginning with this story. For one, I went back to posting 3 comics a week. As Bill Watterson once said there's power in the "unpretentious daily-ness" of comic strips, and I think I really found my rhythm again. Another thing that happened, that's maybe a little harder to explain, is the comic generally got sexier? Maybe because Eve was single? I'm gonna have to think about this lol. Oh yeah, and Sam Rockwell was actually making good movies. I'm so sad I wasted my horrible caricaturing skills on him.

6 thoughts on “#378 – a door next to this door

  1. I've had this dream multiple times. (Sam Rockwell not included)

  2. 1400 sq feet? That is definitely bringing the sexy for an NYC dweller.

  3. I never realised it before and it's a dream so it's not that important but what is Eve doing that requires her to press some cigarettes?

    1. Christine Hottinger

      she's rolling joints. the hamburger is a grinder

  4. What is Eve making in the first few panels?

  5. Late commentary ahoy!

    It was mentioned on the initial run, but I'd like to echo it here. I'm fascinated and thrilled by the inclusion of the 'dream words' that pepper the page, where things are illegible because that's how most words tend to end up in dreams.

    The background details were always fascinating, but this is one of those moments that were really striking.

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