#372 – summer night city

Recently I unearthed a camcorder video of my brother's 6th birthday party at Chuck E Cheese. I would've been 2 years old. The scene is pure screaming chaos, children coked up on soda, parents flailing to keep order and hold a 3-second adult conversation, and inevitably, a rock band of robots. None of this is stored in the front of my brain, but there are artifacts. My mother mourned its closing for years. It's a deleted place that, nonetheless, echoes in my soul. A false robot memory.

3 thoughts on “#372 – summer night city

  1. the stocata , cadence, and reiteration in this commentary is channeling Ommatidia/Anacrusis for me. only 14 words short.

    I am only able to identify half of these aliens though.

  2. Amazing mother either way but you sure she was mourning and not having nam flashbacks.

  3. The Chuck E Cheese / Showbiz Pizza band has almost as much drama as a real band: https://motherboard.vice.com/en_us/article/9kkn7y

    Xenomorph on sax means this band wins, though.

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