#373 – moon checkers

It really humanizes Azzip the alien that he stops talking when he's hugged. Happy with the arc I gave this OC of mine.

6 thoughts on “#373 – moon checkers

  1. I know Azzip is a pretty polarizing character but personally I've always liked him

  2. Ah yes, Park’s most human moment before I would cast him into the asshole dimension.

  3. Fuck, I just realized "Azzip" is pizza backwards

  4. this is one of those OP pages that has always stuck with me, from Park's genuine, tender, grounding reaction which got me choked up the first time i read it… to the pizza-on-ass gag.

  5. Ahh man, this is super sweet and kinda heartbreaking. This was a dark time for ol Park

  6. I kind of hoped this was the last moment we see Park. It's an incredibly human moment before his eventual dive into the assholery he frequently dipped.

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