#371 – chump’s goodbye

I thought making John a clairvoyant would be a fun play on a trope - the supporting character who has nothing better to do than read a protagonist's repressed thoughts. Looking at it now I would've liked to be more subtle, to show more of Greg and Park on the page, but there wasn't really time. Greg lives his life as a reaction to Park, for better or worse.

6 thoughts on “#371 – chump’s goodbye

  1. I'm so proud of eventual-Greg.

    Also, I read it as John having the same clairvoyant powers as the writer that Eve dates one time but he got really bored of their whole dynamic and just decided to spend his time focusing on his relationship with Steph.

  2. Maybe I'm skewed because so much of our knowledge of Park is from him being shitty to Eve, but I always did wonder why he holds such a high place within the friend group.

  3. This is all setup for Ultra Instinct Greg towards the end of the series.

  4. I always thought Greg's rebuttal to John was so sweet of him. I've been in that position before of celebrating a more accomplished friend, and realizing that the pride I felt for them is more important than the envy, and more worthwhile.

  5. Greig’s off-screen journey is one of my favourite unseen tales of Octopus Pie. We see little of it, and yet it feels both real and earned. Quite a feat of storytelling.

  6. I never read this as John being magical or anything, I just thought the idea that he was incredibly insightful and trying to give earnest advice to Greg as being part of the joke that he's insufferably perfect.

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