#360 – one and a half of those

19 thoughts on “#360 – one and a half of those

  1. Ah, friends.

    The correct answer of course is, "indescribable – did you use nutmeg?"

  2. I like 4th-wall-breaking Hanna.

  3. LOVE the tooltip

  4. grumpy Hannah in panel one is SO cute 🙂

    1. Hannah is so cute.

  5. That is what we call "the murder look."

  6. Hell's Kitchen hath no fury like a muffin scorned.

    1. At first, I read that as "a muffin sconed."

  7. Well… I think I've figured it out…

  8. LOVE the alt text.

    so much.

  9. lol!

    love eve scratching her face distractedly

  10. Dr. Phileas T. Fraggington III Esq.

    I usually think Hannah looks extremely goofy, but the first panel in this comic has challenged this perception.

  11. Is Hanna drinking a beer at breakfast?

  12. Oh noooooo! Hannah broke down the 4th wall!

    (Last Panel)

    I love this comic. Glad I followed it over from QC.

  13. First panel would be a sweet avatar.

  14. The alt-text makes this one.

  15. Wuh-oh, Victor's magic is getting to work!

  16. Eve looks like a bug-eyed alien in panel 2, lmao

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