#359 – victor

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  1. … “I know. It’s okay. Maybe when you’re in a better place”…

    … yep… yep… yep…

  2. OMG, talking

  3. irreparably attractive?

    Don't fix it man, just let it lie there as a warning to others.

    1. Victor, the test results are back. You're… attractive.

      I'm sorry. There's nothing we can do.

      1. Get behind me, Doctor.

  4. Did Victor just come back from some kind of workshop or retreat in the desert?

    Biodome 3?

  5. Somehow, "irreparably" sounds exactly right for Marigold.

    But I can't help hearing Victor with a Mexican accent… I know, prejudicial, but it's *my* head, after all.

    1. i heard it pretty clearly whenever he said yes hahaha

    2. Naw man, i don't think it's necessarily bigoted to build a character up in your mind. That's why comics are so compelling. They make you work to fill in the blanks. As for me, Victor sounds like this Romanian guy I worked with for a while.

    3. Dude victor has the whole … "I'm the fifth unknown beatle" feel and accent in my mind

    4. He's The Most Interesting Man in the World, huh?

  6. I must wonder just what 'a better place' is, or if Vic is just spouting nonsense…

    1. I'm guessing a place where she's not passive-aggressively bitching about her boyfriend in front of guys she likes.

  7. this is also a favourite hahahaha

  8. There goes my bet that he didn't speak english.

  9. love the eyes in this one..

  10. It's the 'stache. That's the source of all his powers. I gotta grow me one of those.

  11. I totally know how Marigold feels, just not about Victor. But totally there.

  12. Victor is the second coming.

  13. Hmm…in my head he sounds like Johnny Depp in Benny and Joon.

  14. Somehow this panel made me view Victor as a metaphor for a drug of some sort. But now that I think about it, that's dumb.

  15. I can't be the only one who thinks Victor is East European, can I? I mean… 'Victor'.

  16. I picture victor as sounding nerdy and quiet if that makes any since. Just soft spoken.

  17. Damn, dude is so smooth!

  18. Somehow I thought of Victor having an Irish accent. Or maybe Scottish.

  19. "I hope that someone gets my, I hope that someone get's my… Message in a Bottle!" By The Police.


    Nice one.

  20. Is it just me, or is Victor like Chuck Norris?

  21. Give a guy a flannel shirt, a cool name, and a ninja personality – you've just created a hero.

  22. It is 2/25/2016. I am re-reading this comic from the beginning years later because I like to do that sometimes and I am flipping out because I just saw something I hadn't seen before:

    Victor has just spent the last few strips hearing musings/petitions for help/needs to be heard, etc. And now he's clearing the bottles off the counter–so he can take the messages from all the people he's just talked to, put the messages in the bottles, and send them out through the proper channels, out into the world, when he disappears the next day.

    And THAT is why "Message in a Bottle" is playing, and THAT is why the lyric "I hope that someone gets my (message in a bottle)" is playing at the moment that Victor is taking his collected bottles out of the room. Victor is the messenger. I'm not drunk.

    1. does that mean Will didn't get to see him because he's the only one whose go his stuff together?

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