#361 – so hey

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  1. That was such a great storyline!

    1. Total spin out. I hope Victor comes to my place next.

  2. Oh man, CRAZY. And, and, also AWESOME.

  3. Awesome. =)

  4. Oh no!
    And he was my new
    favorite, too.

  5. I've been reading your comic for a very long time. This was one of the most satisfying stories you've ever done. There are no flaws. There was only fantastic art and story telling. Thank you

  6. … sweet…

  7. First I was horrified.

    Then I realized it was pretty rad.

  8. Same as it ever was… same as it ever was…

  9. This was one of the best stories ever 😀

  10. Reminded me of a movie called The Brother From Another Planet [1]. Both Victor and the movie's main character really know how to listen…


    1. Just watched it, thanks for mentioning it. It was great.

  11. he was some kind of magical hobo! Wonderful storyline.

    1. He's some kind of Littlest Hobo.

  12. That was lovely.

  13. He is the worlds most awesome couch surfer… I must learn his skill.

  14. Wow…that Victor is some…somethin'….Yyyup….

  15. Victor is the best.

  16. That was beautiful.

  17. huh yeah storyline is great as always… something seems different though

    like the characters exhibited no flaws and were sort of one note versions of themselves… Marigold is desperate, Hannah is all about the baked goods (no specific explanation why this time) but Eve seems different, from looking for a stranger while drunk at a party to referring to herself in third person at the end. Victor is almost like some sort of Deus ex machina who happens to of course do the raddest thing possible at all times. Sort of a collection of funny jokes, but somehow fundamentally different from previous Octopus Pie stories.

    Not criticisms, just observations by one dude; and if I find out you're parodying something then I'll feel so stupid because I don't get the reference!

    1. Here I am posting on a long forgotten comment thread, but the Victor arc always just gets me, you know? I think that in a lot of ways, Victor is us. Whereas the reader is usually a fly on the wall, observing but not interacting, Victor gives us a blank canvas through which we can experience the characters in a different way. We know everything about Eve and the gang as a nebulous cloud of motivations and experiences, but how many actual people do you know like that? Victor is a straight line passing through that cloud, not stopping or slowing, only coming into contact with each character for a moment. He lets us experience the characters not as characters, but as people living a particular moment of their lives. This is why Victor is so brilliant—he breaks the cartoon ridiculousness of the format and invites us to listen to what's on everyone's mind, if just for a day.

      If only we could all sweet-talk cops and couch surf like pros…

  18. Alright, that was an epic fuckin’ story arc. I love the inanity of it all.

  19. Awesome storytelling. As always.

  20. ahahaha holy crap, this guy is so manly 😛

  21. Awww yeah Mer! Totally worth the wait! ( And being late to school!)

  22. let me be the first one to say:

    W T F

  23. I was wondering where Victor came from, and why there was no history.

    Anyway, I'm curious. The last strip that appeared in my RSS for this comic was from back when Eve and Hanna were visiting Hanna's parents, then today, all of a sudden, a whole lotta Octopus Pie strips appeared. Did something go wrong with the RSS?

    1. Danineteen- the strip updates in storyline batches these days.

    2. No, she puts a bunch up all at once, so you get a complete story when it is updated.

    3. No, the RSS is updated manually. I usually do it a half day later to save on server strain.

      1. Shoot, my RSS feeder only lists the last 10 pages as being new, so I started a few pages in, confused as hell. Then I started over and it all came together.

        Anyway, great story- it's like a season-2-opener refresher course on the characters. Plus, the art is getting better and better.

  24. My eyes teared up at the end, and haven't cleared up yet.


  25. Victor was my friend once too.

    Man, these long pauses between updates are KILLING ME. I don't know if I can stand it :C

    (I am not being serious, I would go through hell for this comic.)

  26. And so, Victor left on his way to some stuff we couldn't see. But we knew in our hearts, it'd be fuckin' rad.

  27. Farewell, Victor. I salute you.

  28. Reading the last page as the radio started playing Free Bird was all kinds of cool.

  29. Loved it!!!!!!!

    Victor= my new fav!!


  30. Great storyline this go-around. How do they just keep getting better and better?

  31. Awesome! This is just awesome.

  32. I think I love you. Just like I love Victor.

    I miss this comic when it's not around.

  33. Aw shit, I got one reading of Victor, one that reaaaally gets under my skin.

    He's the kind of guyfriend we wish we were/had – more consistently, in any case.

    "Better angels of our nature*" comes to mind. Is this an Obama reference using a notion popularized by Lincoln? Yah, OK – a stretch, I know. Great fun.

    *oft misquoted/paraphrased

  34. Victor, he slides in like the wind and disappears just as mysteriously.

    EXCELLENT job Mer! Loved it!

  35. He was an aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaangel!

    1. If your idea of an angel is a DIRTY MUFFIN THIEF.

      1. Who RECYCLES and DUSTS and you know, he's alright.

  36. Aww, totally worth waiting for. Thank you!

  37. Lovely update as always. I've known a lot of couch surfers in my time but none as rad as Victor. And definitely not any that dust.

  38. nuthin' like a good old wanderin' hobo, mosying around and fixin' things.

  39. Greatly exceeded expectations, would read again. A++++++++

  40. I had a sneaky feeling he wasn't anybody's friend. Victor kinda reminds me of myself. People always make assumptions and do the talking for you when you're quiet.

  41. I've been Victor. Not for a looooong time, though.

    It's not easy, either, but it's worth it.

  42. Eve is SO CUTE in panel 4!

    Also I want to wear a flannel shirt and do good deeds now…

  43. Love it! Keep'em coming!

  44. Wow! Excellent storyline!! It was totally worth the wait!!!

  45. your such a baller

  46. "The greatest trick that Vincent ever pulled was convincing the others that he was a longtime friend of someone else. And like that-"


    "-he's gone."

  47. Victor, why'd you have to go?

  48. Victor, you beautiful dreamboat.

  49. What a great, cute little story! It perked my snowed in day up here in Pittsburgh!

    Thank you for the great days!

  50. Victor is the bitchingest. That's right.

    I would like an order of Victor, please. And some coleslaw on the side.

  51. but…but… he left without getting his poncho 🙁

  52. wow meredith… this is one of the best storylines ever – so worth the wait. i wasn't sure at the beginning but this ending, your pacing, your art… victor… wow!

  53. re PanzerNet: I like to think that Victor has a sense of timing, for leaving before people straighten things out, realize he's nobody's guest.

    On another note, the story ends on a much lighter note with Victor "leaving the apartment in a better place", rather than stealing stuff. It reminds me of "somebody hates me / somebody loves me" theory: if someone throws an egg at your window (say), you'll figure that someone in the world is a jerk, but not know who…and get a sort of generalized resentment towards strangers. (Maybe.)

    On the other hand, if you clean one of your friend's toilets while visiting their place, and never tell them – well, maybe they never notice, but at least you're happy. It's like you're keeping a secret from them, but since it's a good secret, you don't burn with shame, but…anti-shame?

    Ironically, I'm assuming you have a window and your friend has "a place", when Victor pretty much does not. (Or maybe his place varies, or maybe he has an outside-place. Or maybe he's just traveling for fun – who can say, in a work of fiction?)

  54. Aw man, I really enjoyed this particular story line. Octopus pie is consistently good, you keep drawing, I'll keep reading.

  55. Is his bag filled

    just with muffins?

    1. And Dreams!

  56. We love you, Victor! ;_;

  57. Meredith: am I completely on crack/overanalyzing this, or is this an allusion/homage to Being There (sorta like you did a Grey Gardens allusion a while back)? Somewhere between the 4th and 6th page of character projecting their own thoughts and desires on his "mms" and shrugs, I thought "holy sh*t, it's Chance the Gardener!" Am I totally off my rocker here?

    Either way, brilliant. So happy to have a day with Octopus Pie in it.

    1. I'm totally with you on that resemblance. Chauncey Gardiner and Victor are, at least, cut from the same cloth. That last panel of him walking into the sunlight totally parallels the last shot of Chance walking on water.

      Sweet story, Meredith.

  58. Octopus Pie is great. Also, most of the latest storylines seem to have an upper beat.

    (But Victors are so overrated.)

  59. @cousinitt: Totally saw the same thing. Thank you Catholic school for providing me with that cultural cache 😉

    Also, Victor's awesome.

  60. This was so beautiful.

  61. Victor is probably not even that guy's name.

    Hanna probably made it up, thinking it was his name, and he just went with it. XD

    I was in a fit of giggles this entire chapter.

  62. thank you, reading this was a great experience

  63. Cousinitt: I got a serious Being There vibe too.

  64. victor: he knows how to turn a sausage party into a muffin fest. TIP, Vic.

  65. Octopus Pie amazes me by being consitently brilliant in a way that I didn't even think possible. This was magnificent, so incredibly well done. Can't wait for the next one.

    Victor – what a man…

  66. I like Vic. He's the kind of guy I wanted to be growing up. Took a left turn at Albuquerque somewhere in there thought and here I am now.

  67. i looooovvveeddd this!!!!!!!!

  68. Vic really provides a good example of how comforting somebody just listening can be. No feedback, but a sponge to throw your milk at, spilled or otherwise.

    (Also, I like this ending greatly, It's good to know that the Marigold-being-dissapointed-with-her-relationship arc can still happen…ya know, maybe in a batter place)

  69. All class. Victor and Grumpy Gran both.

  70. Aw, Eve.

    "I thought he was Eve's friend."

    "Ha ha. What?"

    That is the saddest "ha ha. What" I've seen in a while.

  71. Really Bloody Fantastic. Some of your best work.

  72. Great Story Meredith!

    I was waiting until the end to read it.

    Great pacing, among other great qualities 🙂


  73. ahh, the wonderful wandering hobo. excellent. great work!

  74. He's like a hobo angel. He's the greatest kind of hero, one that listens.

  75. well well, you have been busy. wonderful story–you did an amazing job giving subtle updates on the characters since the last adventure. heh, i haven't seen 'being there', but my mind went to the dude-on-the-couch moment in 'half baked'.

  76. Wow… this was a very touching storyline. I loved every page! Well-worth the wait, thanks, Mer.

  77. What's a Ukranian Pot Luck?

  78. I totally thought he didn't speak english up until he turned Meridith down haha. Great story!

  79. ok wow full this arc was full of monologues… I wonder what each character learned about themselves?

    Will Eve leave New York?

    Will Marigold leave Will?

    Will Hanners become more assertive with her baking (as in cooking stuff)?

    In conclusion… I WANNA KNOW what happens!!

  80. I think i´ve seen the new Jesus!

  81. I miss him already. 🙁

  82. I like how his talk with Marigold in the end proved that he is the real deal.

    We all need a Victor in our like sometimes..

  83. You know… just when I start thinking 'man, I don't think OctoPie is ever going to update again, why do I bother to check it daily?' a comic like this appears and I forget all of those thoughts immediately. Your stories and what's more your characters are so amazingly charming that I'll always keep watching.

  84. That was pretty cool. He showed up out of nowhere, made everybody's lives better for a while, and then he moved on.

  85. AND HE RECYCLES. I love you, Victor.

  86. The art is fantastic, the writing is impossibly on point, and the characters exist in my mind like real people.

    So Octopus Pie remains one of my top webcomics of all time (of all time!).

    The funny thing is I feel that Ms. Gran has so much more..um…stuff and things she can do/will do in the future. I can't wait

  87. This was INSPIRATIONAL. I'm not up on my Catholic cultural references, so this actually reminded me more of The Littlest Hobo, though maybe only because Victor was so hirsute. Worth the wait.

  88. Sick as always. Really liked this story line in particular — I always enjoy those comics that let actions speak for themselves when the story calls for it. To me, it's one of the medium's strengths, but something that you don't see enough of.

  89. OH MY GOSH. Well worth the wait, I swear your a genuine genius Meredith.

    I mean, oh man, YES. . .

  90. He was a muffin daemon! Now I know how to summon him!

  91. Homerun, Gran, homerun. Everything from timing to panel layout, great great stuff.

  92. If only we could all be a little more like Victor…

  93. Awww…! And Victor was my new favorite!

  94. how come everytime i find a hobo on my couch he just wants to stab me and where my skin like a hat?

  95. There he goes, one of God's own prototypes. Some kind of high powered mutant never even considered for mass production. Too weird to live, to strange to die.

    I love you, Victor. One day our paths shall cross again.

  96. I have a friend like Victor who lives in my dorm. He's really quiet, he's a great listener and all the chicks dig on him…he even has a similar mustache! This story amused me for this reason.

  97. So, Victor IS magical!

  98. I am so confused. I love it.

  99. A real nowhere man.

  100. Victor = Amazing

  101. Hopefully we cross paths with Victor in the future.

  102. Oh my god.

    This made me so happy. *lip quiver*

  103. I sort of want to be Victor now. From now on, you may refer to me as Vibbles.

  104. Whow, I loved it too… and the best thing about it is that Vic is the complete opposite of all those blinking teeth "saviour type" guys! Great Storyline. GREATGREATGREAT! (I'm happy…)

  105. Best storyline ever!!!!

  106. This entire arc was just The Heart is a Lonely Hunter, without the depression and suicide.

    I love it.

  107. Maybe tomorrow, I'll wanna settle down…

    But till tomorrow, I'll just keep moving on.

  108. I think Victor is kind of like a good smell on the breeze, you know?

    Made sense in my head.

    Great storyline.

  109. Oh Victor you lovable tramp.

  110. I love this arc so much! It's amazing.


  112. Man, it's like an updated version of Marry Poppins….except more awesome and he eats muffins.

  113. The Prolific Mr. Ano

    I understand the entire point is that Victor is just some transient influence, but maybe there could be a spin-off series or something? Because jeez. Victor, man. The V.

  114. Does Victor know the Rock Lobster?

    1. A question for the ages. He could even be the rock lobster. One may never know.

  115. Was his name actually Victor? I don't think we can be sure…

    "Not you though! You're my best friend, Victor! Victor, right?"

    "Mm. Hmm."

    Either way, absolutely brilliant little story. Loved it.

  116. Victor, ya know? Just, awesome. Can't wait till next update, but I will ^^ <3 octopusPie

  117. Am I the only one who thought Victor resembles Brandon Flowers?

  118. Dr. Beckett finds himself leaping from life to life, striving to put right what once went wrong, and hoping each time that his next leap, will be the leap home.

  119. Well worth the wait!

  120. Awesome arc!

  121. I love how Eve's face is about to go into "you're fucking kidding me" mode.

  122. LOL Victor is the fukken shiiiz

  123. And once again, we have proof positive to Meredith's skill and talent. Write a compelling story that draws us in and complete it with art that finishes the story.


  124. Man, it's like Victor was the disguised god, wandering from apartment to apartment and being turned away. But then somebody lets Victor in and he rewards them with his divine power.

  125. Wow wow, I think this might be my favorite OP story yet! Amazing, Mer!

  126. Just…Brilliant. Kudos.

  127. MMM MMM.

  128. Best hobo ever.

  129. Mary Poppins? No, Mary was the talkative kind. Reminds me instead of "The Littlest Hobo", 1962-65 version.


    Great stuff.

  130. Godspeed you magnificent stallion you.

  131. This totally gave me the warm fuzzies! Thanks for the awesome Valentine to your fans, Mer!

  132. Even thought I knew all along, it still surprised me. I loved it! AMAZING

  133. This actually happened to me, but when we found out nobody knew him we let him move in anyway.

  134. O_O

    i want a victor!

  135. Victor is all of us. Can't you see? He is each and every face stuffed full of muffin! Every bottle cleaned after a party at a house that isn't yours! He is in us all! We are Victor!

    …I like the comic a lot.

  136. 14 words. eleven of them to marigold. That first okay to throw us off the scent.

    half brooklyn, half portland, half san fran.


  137. Wowwowwowyes

  138. wow. i loved this. such a fluid narrative, and i like how you're doing them in installations now. its super satisfying. awesome product, lady!



  140. So….lemme see here..

    Some unknown guy, somehow, got into a locked apartment one night, without breaking in.

    He was found sleeping on the couch, and thus mostly ignored.

    Then he ate the muffins, this got him attention, and the assumed name of victor was assigned to him.

    He said very little, DID very little in fact, yet managed to enrich the lives of everyone there.

    He's clearly an honest man, with a sincere heart, as he wouldn't take advantage of anyone, and if you pay close attention, he did an equal amount of work to that which he took up in food and room and board.

    when he was done, he packed up some muffins for the road, did an equal amount of work with cleaning the place (recycling, etc), and just quietly left.

    Didn't steal a thing, didn't break a thing, not one single person harmed by him or his presence.

    I'm thinking he's either an alien or time traveler. Possibly that John Titor man everyone's been going on about for the past ten years.

    Or maybe he's some kind of magical immortal like everyone else says.

    also, I agree, week old muffins rule.

  141. I just finished reading Into The Wild recently and Victor reminds me very much of Chris. Obviously he's less tragic.

    Also I just stumbled on your comic like three hours ago via A Softer World's ad. I read from the beginning all the way here. GREAT STUFF.

  142. I don't think he was magical, I thought he was just a hobo that decided to crash and their couch and none of them questioned it, and he turned out to be a really good guy.

  143. FUCKING AWESOME!!!!!!!! Words can not describe how awesome the ending of this arc was.

  144. Precious.

    1. nonononono!!! VICTOOOORRRRRR come baaaaaaaaaaack ;-;

  145. Ahhh Victor.

    We all knew you…. or did we?

  146. that sunava bitch stole those muffins!

    1. Well, no one was gonna eat them. Why throw them away?

    2. AHAHAHAHAAHAAA! I laughed till I almost cried… You're the only one who had the same reaction I did it seems. Glad to hear it voiced so correctly!

    3. he did the recycling and dusted

      he earned those muffins

  147. is that is…. is it over??

  148. victor never existed to begin with

    1. 🙂

      1. "Do you know the muffin man?"

    2. but Victor has always existed. inside all of us.

      1. Or perhaps he is a figment of a fragment of all our colective need, made into mustachioed flesh, manifesting to those who require quasi-introspective guidance when we are stuck at a crossroads from whence we can never return to nor pass though unchanged.

        Yeah. That, or he's just a quiet dude who crashes on the couch and kypes all the muffins…..Dang muffin kypers.

        1. collective, too

  149. Haha, great ending. What with him only saying "yes" and "hmm" at first, I thought he might not speak english.

    1. I though that too! I was actually kinda bummed out that he did.

  150. He is like a Lamedvavnik!

  151. Victory! the Most awesome Hobo ever… I love victory. *sniff* ='(

  152. I'm gonna have to go with the idea that Victor never existed. Everyone just thinks they saw him. It's the whole casts own personal way to vent about what's happening.

    Once again, another fine chapter.

  153. My favorite character so far! Well, him and the unicycle guy.

  154. Don't you see? The Victor was inside you all along!

    1. thats what she said! (sorry, I simply couldnt help it)

  155. Victor… The mysterious man with the muffin-sack, the mustachioed wanderer, the wondrous man in plaid who walks on through our lives like those New York city streets: Epitome of a transient true friend.

    Cue: Carry on My Wayward Son by Kansas

    Best storyline yet, loved it.

    (I think I'll write a song about him)

    1. By-the-by, you should totally have some Victor merch, because I'd totally buy something.

      1. Some kind of bag or traveling kit?

        1. YeltsinYerMouth (Net

          It would be available for a limited time only

  156. Amazing storyline, Meredith!

    It's even more amazing when I think I have a character in my life who really resembles Victor.

  157. Victor is the only man alive that truly embodies the nature of the duck. He has no cares, no complaints. And he desires only bread. (muffins) And now he must migrate on…

  158. Victor was awesome.

    My interpretation… was that he was everything that everybody needed. He's more of a symbol than a real person. But he seems to have provided a little for everybodies well-being. I think we all want someone like that, too.

    That's probably over-presumptuous tho. Great character.

  159. like road warrior…..

  160. This chapter was amazing! I loved re-reading it, how all Victor really says is "Yes" yet everyone spills their deepest secrets to him and then he simply leaves. It's beautiful.

  161. quite possibly my favorite chapter of octopus pie!! there should definitely be some victor merch!

  162. I need a tshirt with Victor on it

  163. Victor must return!!

    But only when he's needed again. Like Mary Poppins. Man Victor is too cool. Gotta be his 'stach.

  164. Guy's an angel, simple as that. I will believe no other explanation.

  165. Victor is not a muffin thief! The muffins are free; they have a sign saying so.

  166. Last panel should have this played over it


    1. so true. victors the shizznit.

  167. Very well done.

    I discovered octopuspie one week ago. read it all. wonderful.

    Eve and Will belong together.

    Nice ending with Victor… but who was this guy… what's his secret !!

  168. At first, I hated this storyline. But, if I'm right, then maybe not so much. He was just a figment from pot (or some other natural high) that made it on to the ingredient list by accident. Only the ones who ate the muffins saw him. Not a bad idea. The fact that you didn't say exactly what happened is cool.

    Still, I don't understand the Victor love. His greatest ability was his ability to not talk. Manuel had that covered already.

    Anywho, it took me a while, but I finally have caught up with the current strip. It's been awesome, and I'm excited for more.

    1. SECONDARY COMMENT! That would explain why Will didnt see him!

    2. If that's so, then why was a figment of everyone's imagination able to go downstairs and convince the cops not to crash the party? They didn't eat any muffins. Victor is just one of those guys in the world that people naturally trust and who is intuitive. The kind of person everyone likes and wants to be around. Some people just have that trait.

      1. cause they werent there to crash it to begin with, they were a police cover band

  169. Started reading this a week ago. Loving it. I miss Victor already. :c

  170. I love this comic. Just started reading it from the beginning.

    In my mind Victor is not actually a person, but a idea. That you must look outside yourself to find what you really want, need, or desire.

  171. Haha! Awesome, I knew it!

  172. Interesting comments above. The one about Victor being the embodiment of a duck made me snort with laughter.

    Interesting theories on him being a figment of their combined imagination/a symbol/the result of pot..

  173. Victor looks like and reminds me of Victor Fuentes from the band Pierce the Veil, except this one has a mustache and short hair.

    I love you and your webcomic, Meredith. I never told you before, but its true.

  174. I read this through twice, before i realized they were at a puppet cafe! Brilliant.

  175. By far my favourite storyline. Most wonderful!

    I love the introduction and end of a character, and the aforementioned symbolism that could potentially be behind him.. Gahh <3

    Octopus Pie is my favourite webcomic. Just sayin'.

  176. A master of insight, accomplished only by silence. He spoke what was needed of him and nothing more, and when the day came for him to carry on to the next group of lost souls, he took only meager gifts of his quick-made friends, left a silent thank you of cleanliness and continued on.. ON THIS DAY, I ESTABLISH THE CHURCH OF VICTOR!… Or at least humbly ask for a shirt with Victor on it with the captions "Theres one in all of us"

    (PS, theme song for Victor should be "Do you know the Muffin Man?")

  177. The world really needs more people like Victor.

    …the storyline smells like Kerouac, by the way. Good job!

  178. There's a Victor in all of our lives…somewhere.


    this is the best webcomic EVER!!!!!!!

  180. it's the universal visual symbol for "I'm cleaning the house," but who even has a feather duster these days?

  181. More than you think Kaz. And Victor is such a badass.

  182. hasta luego, victor

  183. Whoa! So dramatic! @0@ I'll miss Victor. I hope he returns some day.

    I'm also a little glad that it wasn't just me who was wondering where Victor came from. I thought I had missed something…haha… ;;

  184. He's just like the Cat in the Hat.

  185. Victor demands new comics

    1. As much as I 'd love to see him in another comic, it would completely ruin the magic of his character.

  186. We'll never forget you Victor!

  187. "….and when we got home, the couch was gone officer"

  188. Reread this entire storyline. I love it so. Victor is a travelling man.

  189. I don’t know. I think it’s his legs. Victor has great legs.

  190. Are you sure you didn't write this entire arc about my roommate? His name is also Victor and he dresses the same and trims his mustache the same. Are you spying on me?

  191. Been following a lot of webcomics, and I never saw one that could make me cry from its sheer meaningful beauty like this. Victor knew the secret of being a good listener, of being helpful when it’s needed, not just when it makes him feel good, and in appreciating people’s creative efforts. He also knew when to move on. He earned his muffins, indeed.

  192. I love muffins! How do people from France say Muffin? Mah-fan?

  193. hey guys. Found this comic when Victor got intruduced and all the comments about victor made me interested in reading it. so I've just been spending the last few days reading the comic front to back… Good story arc's, lot's has gone on for them.

    Characteristis are great, I only have one question, with all thats gone on Victor seems to me just a story arc. Acually kinda lame from what i've read. So much else is more interesting in the story than victor. Am I not right, such as the Relationship between Ning, the Cheating and make-outs, and all that. Also didn't she already try to market the muffins way back in another storyline. Anyway you've got another fan. Adding it to the list of top comics I daily check. 1. pvponline.com 2. menagea3.com and now 3.octopus pie. Good reading

  194. Victor needs to come back one day.

  195. He also made off with some of their credit cards.

    Hey, therapy is expensive

  196. Hahah… I like Victor, and I second the motion he needs to appear again someday.

  197. haha wish i could be like victor sometimes. i am always the one introducing people and getting conversations going but sometimes i wish i could just go on auto pilot with things and just relax, other then when i am high of course XD haha

  198. Silly Marek, Victor is everybody's friend.

  199. Agreed, More victor. He's the man.

  200. this whole storyline reminds me of "Being There" in a really great way

  201. I disagree on the popular demand for Victor to reappear. It would ruin the entire story.

    1. i agree i think bringin him back would ruin his mystique, he's one of those once in a lifetime things that you'll never forget lol

  202. We'll miss you, Victor!

  203. So what is victor? I for one did not get this. maybe im missing some deeper meaning, but all I can think is some do gooding freeloader lived with them and moved on a while afterwards?

  204. Oooooooooh

    Sooo mysterious *smile*

    Victor we will meet again

    I can feel it

  205. D; Nuuu, come back Victor!

  206. if only more of us could mysterious couch strangers =D

  207. Victor come back you forgot….oh never mind….he knows..

  208. He's totally god.

  209. Victor is like a silent muffin-toting life coach!

  210. Victor is my hero.

  211. He should be some backstage force. kind of intervening at critical moments

  212. Victor is amazing

  213. I hope Victor comes abck soon.

  214. my eyes didnt get THAT teary… =(

  215. Suddenly it came to me: Victor is The Buddha

  216. My friend Greg Hemmings is exactly like that guy. Has a magical aura.

  217. Hey, I'm the 2^8 response.

    Man, you're just awesome.


    I can't decide if this is inspiring or creepy as all hell.
    But damn does Victor like muffins.

  219. In the beginning we are unexpectedly dropped with this vague character. In the end…He's still just as vague…and it's F***ING AWSOME.

    I can see this is the most beloved arc for a reason. One of my favorites to 🙂

  220. Aww too good to last is Victor.

  221. Victor- A lone wanderer with a penchant for muffins and possibly the greatest comic strip character in the history of the world.

  222. Ha. I wonder if that would work in real life…

  223. So I discovered OP a few days ago via QC. This is how far I've gotten in that time and I feel the need to comment. (Apparently so did everybody else – I haven't seen the comments go past 3 pages and all of a sudden this has 10.)

    Victor reminds me of Chauncey Gardner from Being There. If you haven't seen Being There and you liked this storyline, do yourself a favor and watch it.

  224. So many stories both in many histories, myths and religions of a mysterious strange who helps then disappears never to be seen again.

  225. Oh. My. God. Victor is a magical traveling hobo teaching life lessons to messed up people in their twenties.

  226. T.T No!! Come back!!

  227. whooooooaaaa

  228. Dennis the menace

    Make a spin off…..just the Vic's with victor

  229. Whoop, he cleaned up and cleaned out the muffins!

  230. I want Victor to magically reappear.

  231. Just finished re-reading this storyline. I was starting to wonder until this strip if Victor just wasn't everyone's conscience. He never really existed, but was just what everyone was thinking at that moment.

  232. To accompany this song, play “Go Go Cactus Man” from the Cowboy Bebop OST.

  233. I somehow forgot how much I had enjoyed the Saga of Victor.

    I hope that the end-game of this comic is just everything continues to get worse and worse and characters hate each other and their relationships are falling apart and then Victor shows back up and fixes everything with a few panels of his silent non-judgmental muffin eating powers. Cue credit music.

    ~/Everybody's in despair, every girl and boy/ But when Vic the Ukrainian gets in/ Everybody's gonna jump for joy/~

  234. I'm so glad I'm not the only one to comment on old stuff. The Victor saga is truly a work for all time.

  235. Awwwww yeeee.

  236. To the Victor go the spoils.

    1. If all the comments on this site, this one is my favorite thus far.

  237. Goodbye, you beautiful, pornstachio, magical being.

    You were everyone's friend.

  238. Victor is the definition of how I want to be. I gotta commit.

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