#357 – noise complaint

7 thoughts on “#357 – noise complaint

  1. Not to worry, Victor will take care of it…

    Or is that a closet he disappeared into?

    1. Carl-E! Motherfucker I never see people from one place I frequent on the internet on another place of the internet I likewise frequent. What a god damned coincidence!

  2. Man you've gotta love victor =D,

    you should make a t-shirt jaja

    it would be kind of an inside joke but, every fan would love having one jeje

  3. aaaah. The suspense is killing me!!! D:
    (both from who victor is and what's gonna happen…)

  4. Going to have a word with the police, eh?

    Is Vic the narc?

    /end Hanna-level paranoia

  5. Victor: a true hero. he sacrifced himself…

  6. Hey, Park is there, wow!

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