#358 – just a castaway

18 thoughts on “#358 – just a castaway

  1. His getting-along-with-everybody starts to scare me.

  2. The police playing The Police. Oh my.

    1. What, you were expecting maybe "The Kinks"?

    2. Somehow I think there's more to the choice on the song than just the police playing The Police 😉

  3. this has gotttt to be one of my most favourite pages ever in the history of octopus pie

  4. Welp… too lazy to finish his "well" properly.

  5. The Prolific Mr. Ano

    The best part is the way Gran makes us also like Victor. The readers are part of the story in an obtuse way, and I always enjoy when that happens.

  6. I love the alt text. OVERDRIVE!!!!! is a very often yelled word when we are partying it up.

    1. I also like that the alt text references another song by The Police

  7. Yes because we all know every cop has a spare six pack in the squad car, just incase.

  8. Victor IS magic! i knew it i knew it i knew it i knew it

  9. Subtle "man about a horse" cliché. Nice. Oh, and pretty soon I expect Victor to have full dialog…

  10. Is Victor god?

    1. I seriously hope he is, cause I would pray to him all the time!

  11. I think I'm in love with Victor…

  12. Victor IS magic! I also have about 6 relatives named victor and about 4 of them either look like that now, or used to

  13. And he's the guy that can make the cops who were gonna bust you come up and have a beer lol

  14. This is the Police we're here responding to a noise complaint. It's not loud enough!

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