#356 – a complete and utter waste

15 thoughts on “#356 – a complete and utter waste

  1. So, are these *not* muffin lovers (full basket)?

    Or, more insidiously, are they all muffin lovers who normally can't wait to scarf them up, but got distracted by the big V man?


  2. Oh man… I love Eve's rosy drunken cheeks. Adorable!

    1. The Asian Flush.

  3. moidelize 'em, I tells ya!!

  4. Will can't see him?

    GAH am I over analyzing?

    1. Nah I think you're on to something…I can't say exactly what, but I think it's significant that Will doesn't interact with Victor. I mean it could just be the obvious fact that he's playing the boyfriend role in Marigold's attraction to V…

      Yeah, I think that Will remaining unacquainted makes Victor's presence more spectral – he's that handsome and wise drifter that emboldened Hanna, gave Eve an audience for her anxieties, helped Marek muse on the process of getting older, and, yeah, maybe gave Marigold some hints about what she wants to do, and with whom. He generally enriched everyone's convoluted lives without ever getting tangled up.

      1. not gonna say anything, but I love reading what people think of this!

        1. dying to know!!!

          are you ever going to tell us?

  5. I know who Victor is now! He's the legendary Muffin Man!

    1. Intersting Beaver

      The Muffin Man??

      1. *Gingerbread man voice* THE MUFFIN MAN!!

        1. who lives on Drury Lane?

  6. Is that Park in panel 5? Did Victor even make a fun guy out of him?

  7. I got this far, can't help but thinkin' you aren'tr going to tell, in the end, who Victor is.

    And stating this based on the fact that this strip's 1 year old with the last comment being 2 months old and *no one spoiled it yet*.

    (Or it just says something very nice about the rest of your readership. Guess I'll find out.)

  8. Drunk Eve is best Eve. She's so lovable when she lets loose.

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