#354 – people with careers

I feel like with the puppets, a few other things in this page get buried. Hanna's flowery language in panel 1 still makes me smile. Then there's the fact that Marigold is still on her disillusionment tour, to the point of looking to cheat on her boyfriend! That's in the late 2010s what call A Mood.

6 thoughts on “#354 – people with careers

  1. I always loved this restaurant!! We're treated to all these actual NYC locations for years, and then, bam. Puppet wait staff and a puppet cook.

    Not to take away from this Marigold moment. What a character arc.

  2. OK…there is seriously a place in this story where you're served by puppets?

    Please tell me this does not exist in real life…

    1. I know of at least one: Kagaya's, in Tokyo. Unfortunately (?) for you, it seems like you are not only served by puppets, stuffed animals, and the owner wearing costumes, but also that the experience involves a fair bit of screaming and improvised comedy.

      1. I'm going to sound real offensive, but I think if that's your thing, I'm going to be a bit judgmental about your tastes.

      2. I think I’m more surprised that digg is still a functional website.

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