#336 – the job

I normally discourage my students from making pages with the characters at the same size like this. But I do like the look of this page, it's a nice set of line/tone values, and there are a lot of moment-to-moment beats I wanted to acknowledge. This one's okay!

4 thoughts on “#336 – the job

  1. Wow this scene really does highlight how hard it is for them to relate to each other.. the last panel sums it up I think, they want to help each other through their problems but they really don’t know how to besides reacting, but they still want that feeling of “someone being there for you”.

  2. For me, this is when Park officially became the worst. This was your good time to tell, dude? *This?* Ugh. Good. I'm glad he's leaving all over again.

  3. beds are where the important stuff happens

    1. like sleep
      you'd die without it

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