#337 – going home

This page on the other hand really didn't need to be 6 panels of all the same size. I wish I'd varied it up some more - it mostly acts as a bridge to the next page, but it deserved some more consideration.

6 thoughts on “#337 – going home

  1. I like this a lot. It captures a familiar moment as a guarded person…wanting to be known and heard and having a well-intentioned loved one fail to do that

  2. I mean, same size panels aren't necessarily bad. At least to me, they draw up the feeling of storyboards, which can be used as a way to make moments feels as if they're more timed out of the control of the reader than comics usually feel. But I dunno, that just me, I'm the weird guy who makes up rhymes with his weirdo friends

  3. I kind of like the equality of size between each of the panels. It gives each moment equal consideration in a particularly significant moment. (1) Park confessing his desire that Eve come with (2) Park promising to protect Eve (3) Eve still feeling sad, not dancing comfortably to Park's tune (4) Eve breaking the moment by getting up (5) Eve getting ready to leave as Park reacts (6) Eve reasserting the independence of her own life.

  4. Park’s indirectness says it all. It’s clear he’s talking from some construct of “male provider” he has in his head rather than a place of sincere affection. Real proud of Eve this page

    1. I'm not on Park's side generally, but I get his choice of words here. It's less indirectness, and more a lack of wanting to impose. There's at least a recognition of agency here. Park has made his choice, and we can't blame him for that–his dream being what it is. Eve on this basis, makes hers. She, I think, could have been less passive about it.

      In the case of the patriarchal construct, I would agree that in some way, he moves within the programming, but in a general sense I don't think it's a bad thing to want to help your loved ones feel safe.

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