#327 – took it for granted

Part 1: END! Stay tuned for more.

95 thoughts on “#327 – took it for granted

  1. Okay, looking good so far! Glad your new schedule's working out!

  2. Hey hey!

    I can't wait to see what's next!

  3. Dang! The pacing really changed, but I enjoyed it.

    NOW TO WAIT FOR THE SECOND PART OH MAAAAAN I need some douchbag glasses.

  4. I like that we're getting the huge comic dump, but it seems to me that each of these strips could stand on its own. Why not just put each strip out at the regular M/W/F intervals once you've done a whole storyline? That way, the waits between story arcs wouldn't be so long, and you'd have people hitting your site three times a week rather than once every few weeks. You could work on the next storyline while the current arc runs, and if you need more time when you run out of strips, just take more time. I'm guessing most Octopus Pie readers are the types of discerning individuals who can handle slower-paced individual strips that don't necessarily contain a punchline every day.

    1. Because I prefer to do it this way.

      1. Har. Take no prisoners!

        1. Each paage alone was well worth the wait. Incredible.

      2. More power to ya for doing things your way. I do have one suggestion/request, though – it would be great if those of us who have sold our souls to Google could read the whole storyline in google reader – any chance?

        1. google reader?! there's a whole website here, man. read from the source!

          i'm not really angry, i've just spent years on the internet and i still don't know how it works.

      3. I kind of like it – it reminds me of the original archive binge, and the "oh god, *now* what?" sensation when I got current.

        Good cliffhanger, too!

        1. Yeaah, that's the exact same feeling I had, I just realized! When I first found this comic I started at the beginning and read them all in an evening, then when I got to the current one I was a little sad and definitely ready for the next.

          I like this way much better~!

      4. i love having it update in big chunks.

      5. The new method is so much better! Being able to elongate the beats of the story over pages like that really brings the art and writing together in a way that doesn't seem as possible when you're (anyone) doing one page strips. I'm so happy you changed it up.

        1. A different Meredith

          Agreed. With comics that update a few times I week, I sometimes have to go back and read a few pages at a time to work out the story properly. This way, everything flows nicely.

      6. Best avatar/comment synergy ever.

      7. I hit this site once every few weeks anyway! Keep up the awesome work Meredith!

  5. I love it! This is just what is needed after an intensive class prep day.

  6. Gah!!! Talk about a cliffhanger… What's he gonna tell her??????????

    PS Those glasses are rad

  7. OMG–Hannah is quoting The Room! I love this strip.

    1. What? I don't know what you're talking about. Anyway, how's your sex life?

      1. Ha!

        Assuming you weren't joking about not knowing what I meant, I thought "that's the idea," especially the way you wrote it, was meant to evoke the great Mr. Wiseau.

        1. I just realized I should have put the comment on the page where she actually said that, and also that I have seen that movies about ten times too many.

        2. haha, no it was intentional for sure 😉

  8. Oh no, I just burned through all those pages and now I have to wait again

  9. Loves me some Road Runner references! Delayed update schedule was worth it for that sight gag alone!

  10. It seems most of the males at my school wear those glasses on a daily basis… but they're invisible.

  11. Awesome! I love the new format, it was torture waiting for the update, but this was really worth it!

  12. Those douchebag goggles really do work amazingly well.

  13. I love the Tour de Fat reference, especially since it took place in my little burg this weekend. Your timing is impeccable. Cheers!

  14. Oh, and btw loved the "Road Runner" moment.

  15. Well worth the wait (not like I didn't check back everyday and hit up the archives anyway). Will you be changing the way you post the pages so that the when a huge chunk of storyline comes out the URLs don't still look as though they were posted on a weekly schedule? Just curious

    1. The URLs are already formatted for the daily format. To be read the way they usually are!

  16. Meredith, I thank you, and Chuck Jones thanks you.

  17. Gran-

    So worth the wait. Thanks for updating! 😀 I look forward to the next part! hahahaha "tireDUMB".

    And people: ssssshhhhh. Enough with the pining for the old schedule. I like OP updated, plain and simple. At least Mer updates roughly once a month! Some people won't update for a couple years because they update in batches.

  18. I got so excited when I saw your update e-mail in my inbox that I gave myself a migraine. My week has been a little less interesting and a bit more depressing without a frequent dose of The Pie, but you know what?

    You blew me out of the water. You went from "I read this a few times a week and love the crap out of it" to "Why do I get to read this for free? Did I save a rain forest or rescue a baby from a burning building in a previous life and now am repaid with this?"

  19. Wow, I'm actually a little amazed at how much airier the pacing feels. Could just be this batch, of course, but it seems like you're giving the art more room to breathe since you don't have to pack so much into a single updated page. I like it!

    Congrats on the awesome book deal too!!

  20. I really like the slow part where Eve braves The Night. Good work!

    Although I respect how you want to publish your work, I'd prefer to read you comic one page three times a week. But the pacing's great within the story. I'm looking forward to see what's coming next!

  21. michelle4jerusalem

    mazal tov on the book deal – you deserve it! i've seen the pbf book in airport bookshops and that is so awesome!

    i'm also happy for you if you're happy with your new way of making comics and whatnot, and since it is indeed free (though i think i might buy your random house book!) i have zero wish to complain, however…more regular updates is what i like about webcomics and they brighten my day!

  22. SWEET! Another storyline with bicycles! Great work Meredith!

  23. I really like the new schedule! Yeah, I've got to wait a bit, but I feel like I get more out of the story this way. Glad you're doing this your own way and not taking guff from anybody : ).

    As always, thanks for sharing with us!

  24. I am going to read one part of the mega update every M/W/F, so this way I'll get the illusion of having tri-weekly Octo-Pies! (You know, after this one, because I couldn't resist.)

    Greg needs to work on his snarky comments. Practice, Gregory, practice!

  25. fyi: unable to browse from first comic to latest by pressing next. a couple 'next comic' links bring you to announcements instead.

    1. I made the very same error at first – go for the giant grey right-pointing arrow on the side of the comic instead of the tantalizing "next" text below it.

  26. this is awesome

  27. Looks great. Kind of a fast read, but then pretty much everything is a fast read for me.

  28. oh shitt! cliff hanger.

  29. Really like this story; can't wait for part dos. Seriously, you've got the best comic on the web going – please, please, please keep it up.

    1. I will! 🙂

      1. ALSO have you ever thought of writing up a page listing what materials you use, specifically what inks and brushes, or even a step-by-step process page? It'd be very interesting.

        1. Have to second Peter's idea here. I'd love to see your process.

        2. she runs through the process in a couple videos– http://www.youtube.com/user/punkybird

  30. well worth the wait. thanks for reminding me of the dover boys!

  31. Love the arch, can't wait for the next part.

  32. It was worth the wait. Well done as usual Meredith. Looking forward to the thrilling conclusion.

  33. Love it! And getting an e-mail from Meredith made me feel special. 🙂 I'm excited for the book!

  34. LOOOOOOOOOOOL it's "the doucheface". perfectly represented in cartoon form

    chunk format is amazing

  35. I just got back here to find like 6 new strips! Man I'm enjoying it though!

  36. I like this format.

  37. feel like ive just eanten a whole pie and am slipping into a food coma. except its an octopie coma so its twice as good. so suprised about the art, didnt think it was possible for you to take another step up from brilliant but apparantly you can. WOOT!

    1. I would of figured eating enough Octopus to induce a coma would end in massive amounts of vomit.

  38. Yay! Great update, I like the method of updating, it does work better for a longer form comic for sure.

    I hope he's not moving away 🙁

  39. Largely shitty week. But an e-mail from the Octopie cave and I am somewhat soothed.

    Thank you!

  40. Dude, you should sell rhyming goggles.

  41. Awesome to maximum extreme Meredith!!!!!

  42. I REALLY want those goggles. Hannah is an entrepreneur genius.

  43. Yeesss! I love this so far! I was about to die waiting for the update! haha. I need those gogglessss!

  44. We'll stay tuned for FOUR. Nah, I'll leave it to the professionals…. or amateurs with douche bag goggles.

  45. So excited about the new storyline. I love what you have so far and I can't wait to read the rest. I like being able to read in chunks like this because I have such a short memory.

  46. Miss my daily updates, but the art looks awesome! Great job!

  47. Yay! Yay!

    It's nice to have a big chunk. I love the over all feel of reading a whole arc in one sit – i can follow the story much better. I also love You Doing What You Want with your comic. It works out better for us all.

    You still get my daily trafficks – i have to stop here in my cycle to get to a somethingpositive link. You are part of my cirrrrcle.

  48. Will you marry me? xD You're amazing.

  49. i love the scarf and cap appearing out of nowhere. those goggles must work.

  50. I love that you have the scard and the flipped-up hat bill for the extra douche-y effect.

  51. I really, really liked this arc. You have a knack for making your characters real.

  52. omg. I read the entire comic in one and a half days! & it was a very wonderful comic!

    1. holy crap i just finished doing that too! you rock!

      1. I almost stayed up for one day straight reading it….IT'S THAT AWESOME!

        1. stayed up for one DAY straight? Isn't that what you normally do? 😛

  53. Wow! 8) This looks really great! The comic has now more continuity and graphic novel-style to it than before. Even though it was a pain to wait several weeks for a new comic, it was totally worth it.

  54. godDAMN Greg owns

  55. You have my support for all the interesting shit you do and get done, Meredith Gran.

    I'll wait and enjoy – personally, I'd just set up a day planner program with the online updates.

    Say, anyone use a PDA out there in Kvetchland?

    Honestly. Your work is free and they make with complaints?!

    1. Damien,

      You'd be surprised how many people actually act like complaining about free stuff makes their complaint more valid.

  56. I accidentally read the last panel first and confused the hell out of myself. 😀

  57. ooohhh nooo he got the chicago job

  58. This comic makes me smile so much. Thank you! <3

  59. This is the first arc I've read with the new updating schedule, and I really think it suits your comic. The scary stuff with Eve walking home was much more effective written in one sitting than over a couple of weeks.


    1. I'm wondering the same thing! It's been so long since I read this comic, I'm starting to forget what's happened. Either that, or we don't know yet. O:

  61. I just read all your comics in 1-2 days. Do I win yet? Jk I really enjoy your comic 😀 It was a nice way to spend some time 🙂

  62. I didn't know you lived in Portland, thats super exciting, but doesn't surprise me too much… I guess lots of cartoonists live/lived here, I'm hoping I can be one of them 😛



  64. I'm confident you're don't know how to waste our precious time, Meredith, our gal

    So don't think twice about our anxious emails and constant site hits, it's alright

  65. I just spent a couple of hours reading all of these comics. excellent. I can't say it any better than the first person who commented on this particular strip. I think the thanksgiving day parade strip where Eve waves at Charlie Brown was my favorite. Keep up the good work!

  66. I love your stuff and it is so cool that you cross link (it is how i found you) and keep up the good work

    a lot of my friends tell me that im definitely hannah even when i feel definitely eve! your characters are so alive and well drawn out.

    Great stuff!

  67. love how Greg has just acquired a neck kerchief and one of those square caps. Takes the douche goggles off just long enough to be serious.

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