#328 – avoid bridges entirely

22 thoughts on “#328 – avoid bridges entirely

  1. Haha at Markek's face in the last panel. 🙂

    1. Very, um, muppets?

  2. LMAO! Marek wins in the last panel!

  3. "When evening falls" –> "When Eve Ning falls…" — hohoho, clever. I love Marek.

  4. Some enchanted Eve Ning … I never got that pun before!

    1. Neither did I. I feel so dumb now .___.

      1. Don't feel too bad, I only got it a year or so ago.

        But remember, her brother's nickname is Mor. Mor Ning.

        1. Oh my god. My mind is blown. Seriously.

        2. oh my gosh!

          i finally got the eve ning bit but mor ning?!?!

          mind also blown. though…i've only been reading the comic for a week.

        3. Every time someone 'gets' the Eve Ning joke, an angels gets its wings 🙂

    2. And her mother's name is Dawn! (Dawn Ning -> dawning)

  5. "Like….JEFF Bridges?" 😐

    I can't believe Eve seriously asked that.

    1. Tron WAS pretty disturbing. It's understandable.

  6. "Bridge Over Troubled Water" – oh dear goodness, that's funny.

  7. WOW. Eve Ning= Evening. I never even realized. DUMBASS AWARD GOES TO ME!


  9. My mother goes with the avoiding entirely option.

  10. Needs someone named Lee Ning.

  11. Da da da DA da da da, feelin' groovy.

  12. I am THE SAME. Singing totally does help.

  13. Hey, I just heard this song; wicked.

  14. Can you imagine, though? You're sitting in a train with your friend and he just burst out in howl singing. And he just…keeps singing… And then he just. Stops.

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