#326 – just one wheel

18 thoughts on “#326 – just one wheel

  1. Oh…shit balls….

  2. And then in his hurry he cycles off a cliff and hangs in midair for a few seconds before making the mistake of looking down. In the distance, Hanna pulls out a squeezy horn: meep meep!

  3. michelle4jerusalem

    hanna, you wiseacre, you!

  4. LOL- and everyone just glares at her for making someone go faster & making them look slower.

  5. …MEEP MEEP!

  6. NekoNeko – actually I think it's probably because she just stopped in the middle of a large biking crowd, haha.

  7. The eyes, hair, face…it has to be…




  8. Ewww… back hair. Awesome set though!

  9. 10 points for the wiley coyote reference…

    1. He's certainly hairy enough!

  10. There's a mountain unicyclist (like a mountain bike, but w/ 1 wheel!) in my neighborhood that goes up and down the canyon dirt paths, hopping over rocks. He's crazy to watch.

  11. that is one hairy dude.

  12. Being a unicycler myself, I can honestly say that I have been run down by two bikes, and not once been able to expel fire from my one wheel. Going fast on a unicycle is hard.

  13. Ho-lee-sheeet. I heard cartoon rocket-blast-off noises.

  14. As bad as this is, all I can think of is Lance Armstrong. He's a one-wheeler too.

    1. ouch…

      really, man?

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