#286 – what it’s like

And we're back. Thank you to everyone for your kind words over the weekend. It was very comforting to read them. I'm the type of gal who takes a lot of solace in rearranging her office and drawing lots of crap. That's exactly what I did today and it felt great. And don't forget, Canadians and visitors to Toronto -- I'll be at TCAF this Saturday and Sunday with books galore, and possibly other things if I have time to get them ready! Please come by, the event is totally free and it's one of my favorite shows ever!

38 thoughts on “#286 – what it’s like

  1. My weed dealers have been probably the most interesting people I've ever met. Not your typical "yo dawg, got some ganja? fuck you gimme yer money" dealers.

    My first ever dealer got way too big way too fast. It was at the point that he'd carry weed on him at all times because he'd constantly be selling. In the larger deals he was starting to get jumped because he was an easy target. This is when he bought a trench coat and found a katana. He started to carry the sword with him at all times and everyone knew that. No one fucked with him after they found out about his sword. Plus, this is even funnier because he was only seventeen at the time.

    1. A trench coat and a katana? Are you sure this was a real person, and not just the main character of Snow Crash?

      1. He's Duncan McLeod of the Clan McLeod, without his trademark claymore.

    2. This made my day.

      Also the eight panel made me lol

  2. Wow. Marigold wears a lot of mascara.

    Yay for Will!

    Glad you are doing well, Mer. *awkward half-hug*

  3. After reading through the first three books this weekend in reverse order, I have noticed two patterns – Eve revisiting her childhood (supermarket sweep, laser tag, America Jones, Hanna is from preschool), and now it is clear there is also a TOE CARE motif running through the entire series.

    1. Ha I totally just noticed that too!

    2. Don't forget Park

  4. It's amusing how he says that with such a smile.

  5. It's amazing how real your characters are. It's like things are just going on in the background, whether we're there or not. That's a real talent. 🙂

  6. "I'm sure that's not true" – This strip has some of the finest ass-covered male double-talk ever. I bow to Wil's mastery of lines that can't really be used against him.

  7. Ugh, he just does it straight onto the carpet?

    1. *raises hand* guilty as well. Cartooning = laziness

      Drugs also = laziness

  8. YA! Good news to see you coming out to T.O this weekend! I will be seeing you on mothers day.

    P.S how much are your books and sketches?

  9. Connor–that's what dust mites are for. They'll take care of those clippings in a few months.

  10. There's an awesome, weird sense of voyeurism from following someone who was a side character for so long.

  11. And everyone reading Aariq's reply about dust mites heaves in a collective shudder…

    Although I was thinking "that's for the dust mites in a vacuum bag".

  12. I really like Marigold.

    That said, I think it's a little obvious that Will isn't as into her as he was with Eve. I have serious doubts that Will would face his back to Eve and clip his toenails in a one-sided conversation. Will's answers for the most part are like "uh huh honey" and "yeah"s to me. Anyone else notice that?

    They're not going to last together because there's no primal attraction: just neediness and a desire to fill that hole in their respective hearts.

    1. Hey, but wait. Didn't the characters already agree that the things that people love a ton initially are not that great in the long run? So, wouldn't that mean Eve and Will are pretty much doomed? And Will and Marigold would be an actually good option as they worked at it?

  13. Well said BG. And that sense of voyeurism means this comic is fucking great.

  14. Kind of reminds me of my wife's occasional declarations that she wants to "help" me create my comics. I'm not so brusque in my brush-offs, though.

  15. I find it heartwarming that Marigold knits while sad; she seems like the kind of woman I'd try to date. Except for the "I want to sell illegal drugs" part.

    Speaking of themes through the series, I've noticed that some characters think of using/dealing drugs as having some sort of glamour. I could be way off-base, just sayin'.

    1. I agree she's a total cutie, but man are those stitches going to be out of gauge if she's that upset… don't do it Marigold!

  16. I love the little star in Marigold's left eye in panel 7. And yeah, wow, I guess I didn't expect her to have an outlook that's such equal parts existentialism and misplaced romanticism.

  17. This page has an amazing range of expressions!

    I love how natural everything feels. The transitions between her emotions is so life-life!

    I love Marigold, and so now I hate to see her sad.

    I feel silly for asking, but where does she work? I was completely thrown off last page…

  18. *As promised, Ms. Gran is showered with rose petals upon her re-arrival. Fountains spontaneously erupt. A Bollywood musical breaks out*

    Oooooh, I met this couple in high school, more than once. It's best for all minor acquaintances to get off of this train before it wrecks – you do not want to be in the vicinity.

  19. Hooray for TCAF! I'll look for you there. I'll bring that baby that nearly killed me. This will be her public debut, even. I thought it would be a fitting event to introduce her to the world, perhaps get some blessings from some of the Dumbrella pantheon.

    Also, I am a lazy sort who always wears her makeup to bed. I am lucky to have skin that does not care, but I find it refreshing to see that Marigold is just as lazy. 🙂

  20. That deadpan was absolutely brilliant. I have to keep scrolling up, because Will's face just finishes the joke. Bravo.

  21. When was Marigold's first appearance?

  22. "Absolutely no fucking chance" should be easier to work into conversations.

  23. "Being a DRUG DEALER!!!"

    *teary eyes*


  24. Yaay! Hover text! 😀

  25. I love his straight face when he rejects her.

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