#285 – just a second

There's something about green that represents a whole lot of mistakes. Mistakes as well as Gatorade. I'm sad to say there was a loss in my family this week. I'll be going home this weekend for a funeral. Drawing during bad times is somewhat therapeutic for me, but Monday's update will either be late or non-existent. Enjoy the company of loved ones this weekend, and I'll see you soon.

45 thoughts on “#285 – just a second

  1. My sympathies, Meredith. Take care.

  2. Oops.

    I’m not sure I exactly follow. Why’d they get excused from the club?

    1. It’s either a maximum capacity of 9200 people, or max 9200…dances?

    2. i think the guy in panel 4 did/said something she was really not in the mood for (+a few drinks, of course), and the anger of the day spilled out thus. embarassed her friends, got ejected. a ragged end to a shitty day.

    3. I'm thinking that she just had a couple too many drinks.. I mean, Check out panel 3, how on the R she's just jammin out. On Friday I had to kick some guys out of our bar for the same reason (waaay too drunk).

  3. hey, sorry to hear that mer. take all the time you need.

    1. Keep these arceltis coming as they’ve opened many new doors for me.

  4. Nice Kanye West reference!

  5. I definitely know what you're going through. Take it easy.

  6. Excellent Comic! And as others have said, I'm sorry for your loss, and take all the time you need.

  7. It's okay if you don't feel like posting new pages for a while, we understand. Even though it's odd coming from a first poster, I've recently suffered the loss of a close family member as well, and you have my warmest sympathies.

    Have courage and live on.

  8. Sorry to hear that. Take care, we'll wait.

  9. Yep, no need to read French existentialists to experience the very same nausea. Ouch.

    And as for your time with family, I would suggest taking the Monday off (of work). Please, take the time to check in with others who care about you as you do them. You’ll need one another.

  10. Condolences, Mer.

    Really, great update by the way. I like that this arc is focusing on secondary characters.

  11. I just realized a jacket and a dress are a good combo.

  12. I mean, like, a GREAT combo.

  13. Alexander Woolacoot

    My Condolences… Take all the time you need. family>community

  14. I’m sorry to hear about your family member’s death. Good luck dealing with it however you do, and (speaking for all other readers >.>) take as much time as you need.

  15. Oh, I'm so very sorry for your loss. We will cheer you and throw roses in your path when you are ready to come back.

  16. Very sorry for your loss! Don't worry about updates and be well!

    I just read through the whole of Octopus Pie over two-three days and I am completely in love with it! Wish I had bought some stuff at the London Thing.

  17. My thoughts are with you, Meredith. As others have said, take all the time you need.

    To lighten the mood, I’d like to point out that at least Marigold puked AFTER kissing Will, instead of before. Laughter as a Defense Mechanism ACTIVATE!!

  18. My condolences to you, Meredith. Take all the time you need; your family comes first. We'll be thinking good thoughts for you.

  19. Peace be with ye and thyne.

  20. Sorry to hear that, Mer. Take some time to get your head & heart straight again; spend some of it with your most important people. Words are cheap now, connections are what have value. Take care.

  21. My condolences! Take your time, we'll wait right here.

    Best wishes.

  22. i don't get what the guy was saying in the first panel could someone explain it?

    1. I think it had something to do with the thingies in the first panel of the last page. Looks like bars of soap, maybe? Anyway, she looked awfully suspicious when she looked up from messing with them then, so maybe he got the bad end of what she was doing there.

      1. I think he was telling her that the display models were too close together, and she needed to watch that since she worked on the sales floor. Basically just some small aesthetic flaw that nobody but a floor manager would have the spare time to notice.

        This strip was a great depressing little vignette into everyday banality, though. Our thoughts are with you, Mer, and take as much time as you need to come back.

  23. Are you still appearing at TCAF this weekend? I checked the site, and didn't see you listed. Please being books to buy!

  24. Are you at TCAF this weekend? Please bring books to sell!

  25. Sorry to hear about your loss. Have a safe trip.

  26. ….but, who was phone?

  27. I think the confusion with their ejection from the clubis due to the look on the face of the gentleman in panel 4. He doesn't look like he's trying to pick here up; he looks pissed instead.

  28. Favorite comic lately… sorry about your loss.

  29. I'm very sorry to hear that Mer. Good luck in dealing with the loss. We surely won't mind if you take a break. Fantastic comic, the use of the green in the last panelis simply fantastic.

  30. I think in Panel 1 he is talking about air fresheners (remember the previous comic?) and she just doesn't want to deal with air fresheners anymore.

    I'm also confused about Panels 4 and 5, and why they got kicked out.

  31. My sympathies with you and your family. Hopefully you'll be able to take comfort in each other's presence.

  32. Oh man, this is how I felt yesterday… The validation the day after is nice. Good luck, Meridith.

  33. You have my sympathies!

  34. I just found your comic tonight, and finished reading everything up until this point.

    It's freaking fantastic; thanks for doing what you do.

    Eve is my new hero.

  35. Also, I totally didn't spot the news post until just now, so I'm very sorry about that, too.

  36. My greatest sympathy; I, too, dealt with the loss of a close family member last week 🙁

    I started reading this comic not too long ago, and I'm almost all the way through all the older comics. You style is great, but I think you're the best in all the webcomic "industry" when it comes to character development.

    OP brings a smile to my face whenever I need it the most. Never stop making these okay.

  37. Marigold oughtta tie her hair like that more often. its a good look.

  38. Okay after staring at this comic for a while, it looks like Marigold and crew were chosen (?) to be kicked out due to the limit of the club (security's pointing at the sign). Thing is, I don't understand how clubs work. So seeing a sign that says "MAX. 9200 dances" (I'm sure that's not an r for "dancers" even thought it seems it would make more sense) is really…odd.

    OH! and another girl dancing in panel 3 looks exactly like her. Maybe she had a doppel-ganger situation?


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