#284 – spice odyssey

So, was my first story quest to make Marigold sympathetic a success? Here she has contempt for a customer who just wants to get on with her goddamn day. She has a starry-eyed fantasy of what being appreciated at work might look like, and I guess that's a relatable delusion. I didn't really like this story for years, but now I think there's something to it. Marigold thinks a fulfilling career is what she's looking for, that a quick rejiggering of her role will cure the daily misery. What she really needs is a long series of curveballs and disappointments that will shape her. Let's begin!

5 thoughts on “#284 – spice odyssey

  1. I always interpreted this comment as Marigold working off commission and that's why she's disappointed but I like this earnestly-trying-to-help-others take as well!

  2. I do agree with you but gotta love the "french despair" she pulls out in those last frames.

  3. sebastianshanearmstrongcooper

    For me it was. Especially since I thought she was going to be a throwaway stoner.

  4. Absolutely–these were the first strips where I realized she wasn't going to be a rando stoner. Her hair changed, too, right?

  5. alt text is an out-of-nowhere deltron 3030 quote??
    begging for context here

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