#283 – eve’s birthday

Haha okay I really admire the storytelling of this page. I feel like I dreamed it up really quickly as filler, but there's so much going on? It's definitely reaping the rewards of the comic's established world. Unfortunately all of this is overshadowed by how short Park's sleeves are rolled up. What a horrid miscalculation.

4 thoughts on “#283 – eve’s birthday

  1. Did this first establish that Marek has some sort of computing skills? I remember that coming out of nowhere at the time.

  2. Maybe it's one of those shirts you buy with the sleeves pre-rolled up. You know, the ones you can't roll down.

  3. Park's a dweeb, it's on him.

  4. I always assumed it's a short sleeved buttom up and he just rolled the base of the sort sleeve for some easy fashionable effort, but considering his personality the plaid alone is surprising tbh

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