#285 – just a second

"9200 dances" is a reference to a Jamie Foxx monologue at the beginning of Kanye West's "Slow Jamz", about a woman with unfulfilled desires. In my mind Mar always had a group of anonymous work/college friends who had nothing to do with the main cast, and maybe fed some of her more self-loathing tendencies. Not that Hanna always needed help! In the print version Mar arrives at Will's apartment on a separate page, spaced neatly from the action. I prefer that to the immediate scroll here. It's the first in a series of upchucks that unfortunately seem to define their relationship.

13 thoughts on “#285 – just a second

  1. I remember being confused by the first panel thinking it was a customer but I now realize that it's a manager preventing her from leaving. I first read this strip in middle school and now as a real adult, it seems very obvious haha

    1. Oh, huh. As a fellow adult, I still thought it was another annoying customer not wanting a thing Marigold recommended, like the previous day. But your idea seems better.

  2. You're stuck with that Kanye reference now.

  3. You know you're tired when it starts to sound like all of your customers are speaking Simlish to you.

  4. Wait, what's going on in the first panel, with the two boxes and the not-two-boxes?

    1. I believe it's the manager preventing her from leaving because he's lecturing her about the order of the air-freshener display. Basically just bad job bullshit

    2. I imagine the manager is saying something really nitpicky about the merchandising, like "Marigold, when you're facing the air fresheners, key retailing best practices is to space them three and a half inches apart instead of two."

  5. What is exactly happening in panel 4?

    1. She's buying drinks and then dancing on the floor. It's essentially, I assume, the main activities you engage in when you go clubbing.

    2. More specifically I think Mar is being informed by the manager that she’s exceeded the max 9200 dances (lol) which is why she’s kicked/dragged out.

      1. Oh… Yeah that would be the panel he referred to rather than the one I thought. honestly I thought she was getting annoyed by a random patron but what you said made much more sense. Well now I look like a condescending idiot.

  6. Sometimes I really love your one-off characters like Marigold's work friends here, they can tell a lot in a single panel.

    Also I like that you spilled all of your sweetest secret cartooning techniques in the following video:

  7. Oh wow, I forgot that Mar had more than one vomit-related incident. Misery queen.

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