#268 – competitive shopping skills

Things will be quite busy for the next few weeks, so I may not make many substantial blog posts. But the good news is, thanks to a kind hand from R. Stevens, book 3 is complete! Everything's been sent to the printers! So it'll up for pre-order very soon. Yippee. :)

15 thoughts on “#268 – competitive shopping skills

  1. Hey the webcast was a lot of fun! Kudos again on the crazy perspective on the 2nd panel! (psst! I was FlozaxRollins)

  2. Yeah, the webcast was a hoot. Thanks again, Meredith!

    (userwhatever-9667 🙂 )

  3. This is so funny! It reminds me of how I used to antagonize my little brother! Ah, the memories.

  4. Bwahaha!! This is great. I once convinced my cousin we were turning into dinosaurs. It was supposed to be awesome, but he started crying. lol.

    1. haha thats terrible…. i dont remember the situation cause it was a long time ago but my older brother and i once convinced my sister that she had ringworms in her feet. poor girl =P we were so mean haha

      and speaking of turning into dinosaurs – i know this doesnt fit the cruel aspect of the conversation – but my lil brother once wanted to pretend he was turning into a big dragon, so my brother and sister and i all pretended to be scared of him, and we all looked way up above his head when we talked to him =P

  5. Hehehe… Eve's smarmy look in panel 7 made my day.

  6. Why am I flashing on Slumdog Millionaire scenarios here?

    Ollie will never have a final answer, in any case.

  7. I very much dig the convex-mirror perspective in panel 2.

  8. Reminds me of the time my sisters were throwing a rubber knife at each other, and it hit one of them right in the middle of their forehead. She got a little bump so we all convinced her she was turning into a Unicorn. She started crying, it was hilarious.

  9. I love seeing a lighter side in Eve!

  10. Heh, I love Eve's expression in panel seven. ^^

  11. I remember my brother and I teaching my sister the meaning of the word gullible….

    "gullible means you have purple spots all over you, and you're very gullible"

    "no I'm not I don't have purple spots!"

    it went on like that for an hour >=D

    Now we just annoy her by saying "that's what she said" after absolutely everything she says

  12. My brother and I once convinced our younger brother

    while we were giving him a vocabulary lesson

    that a hypocrite was a hybrid of a hippo and cricket

    that ate little boys that broke CDs

    1. Oh my god.

      Best. Sibling. Lesson. Ever.

  13. My older brother (we were like…6 and 8.5) convinced me that mouth wash was made of fuel (almost true… it is made with alcohol, which is a fuel) and that the reason you weren't supposed to swallow it was that you could catch on fire randomly (we didn't know about spontaneous combustion). I don't think it was his intent, but I freaked out, certain I had just swallowed a bit by accident. I didn't really cry, I was just too out and out scared- sure that I was going to die. Nothing like facing mortality before finishing kindergarten.

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