#267 – let baby have her bake sale

Happy Monday! Now for scrambling.

23 thoughts on “#267 – let baby have her bake sale

  1. "You'd BETTER lend me those shoes, bitch."

    Hi-fucking-larious. Good thing my office door is closed, I can't stop laughing.

  2. Fantastic Alt-Text.

  3. yeaahh!! I bet that shirt has cat buts on the back!!

    1. I just misspelled butts guys

      1. Mr. Potato Patato Von Spudsworth III

        It has been over a decade, yet the moment of your greatest embarrassment remains. The shame you must feel, knowing your mistake will remain forever frozen upon this webpage…

  4. I'm wondering now if we're seeing how Mer works her way through Blank Page Syndrome.

  5. Oh my god, that was visually awesome. Am I the only one who loves "Too Cool 4 U" Eve? Just the right amount of bitch!

  6. We are all glad you are borderline loony. Can Eve beat up the little versions of herself?


  8. That's the first time I have laughed out loud at a webcomic in a good while. Nicely done.

  9. Oh my god, is that the catbutt t-shirt with the three cats in front and the butts in back? Because I owned that T-shirt when I was 12. It was my favorite shirt.

  10. A bake sale, landfill and shoes competition! Yeaaaaaaaaaah!

    Everybody should have a rooftop to brainstorm with their bad self(s).

  11. Ahhh…nothing like a little advice from the voices in our heads eh?

  12. Bad Eve makes a lot of sense… fuck employers, what did they ever do for YOU?

    (Besides employ you, of course.)

  13. Does eve have lotus feet?

    1. Whaaat? No.

  14. I didn't think she did by any means, I just wanted to point out the way you draw them in that last panel looks like shes wearing those wierd little lotus shoes.

  15. Rare indeed are the times when we're glad to be borderline paranoid schizophrenic.

  16. Bad Eve has a French accent, right?

    1. Didn't even think of it, but good call. Must be the beret, the cigarette.

  17. Wow, wait, Eve really does have schizophrenia?

  18. The alt-text here is fantastic

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