#261 – portable radio

26 thoughts on “#261 – portable radio

  1. Holy crap, I had this song stuck in my head ALL of last week. That and Mtume's "Juicy Fruit" 😀

  2. Heh. This gal paid hundreds of dollars and all he can talk about is Hanna. Too bad Hanna can't hear what's going on, she'd feel a lot better.

  3. Given that that looks like Patchy Paul (NSFW: http://shop.tootimid.com/fun-factory-patchy-paul-… I'm guessing Hanna's doing quite fine.

  4. Hey, FYI, hovertext doesn't show up in the RSS feeds (using Google Reader). Looks like the "title" attribute doesn't go through at all.

  5. neahhhh…

  6. The last three panels: holy shit.

  7. What size is the paper bag parade print, does anybody know?

  8. @Iaman It's about 15"x8".

    1. Awesome! Thanks 🙂

  9. This one resonated with me, because I got to be that nameless "lucky winner" once– won a date with a Star Wars cover model, who, it turned out, was married with a kid. Still glad I got to have the experience, but yeah, the peak of excitement was winning, and things were getting awkward by the time the check arrived.

  10. Oh wow, all these years I thought that one line was "P-p-p-people like", not "v-v-v-viva la"!

  11. Is it just me, or did this strip change? I distinctly remember him saying 'You paid for this date, and all I can talk about is Hanna' or 'You paid for this date, and all I can talk about is my girl friend'…

  12. I had to go watch Yacht Rock #2 immediately after reading this.


    It's the fictional origin of that song.

    1. Oh man, I love Yacht Rock! I’m glad to see that Hannah kept that copy of X-Static, haha.

  13. What's the name of that song, anyway? The only one I can find is by Hall and Oates.

  14. aaaaaahahaha I don’t think I’ve ever laughed at a single comic as much as I laughed at this one. Listening to Portable Radio while reading those last few panels only makes it better.

  15. Is no one going to comment on the ambiguous looking object in Hanna's hand in the second to last panel…?

    Also, on the dresser in the same panel, is that a glass bowl or a strange looking ashtray…

    1. It's not so much 'ambiguous' as it is 'clearly a vibrator'.

  16. I dunno… I think Marek could do better as a date than this. But then again, it wouldn't be very funny.

  17. hah, so much for hanna not caring about what marek does with his free time 😉

  18. Oh hell yeah. Those last three panels made my day.

  19. haha i love how all he can talk about is hanna. meanwhile, jeeeeeealous hanna. they so obviously can't live without each other, i love it.

  20. It's adorable how all he can think about is Hanna.

  21. Gosh, you gotta love a guy who's so genuinely in love with his girlfriend like this.

    1. Pretty rude to the girl who spent so much money for a date with him, though. He can love his girlfriend and still have the courtesy to reel it in a little during the date. If he showed a little more interest in this new girl instead of raving about Hanna the whole time, instead of pissing off new girl he could make a new genuine friendship. Instead he's just flatly disrespecting her, albeit unintentionally.

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