#260 – no more lies

14 thoughts on “#260 – no more lies

  1. No more lies….just leaving out the parts involving Will lovin' Because it's not cheating if it's with OTP

  2. Can't help but be reminded of Basement Jaxx's "Good Luck" with this one.

  3. I think Eve's rationalizing this a bit- telling herself that if she immediately forgives Park for being dishonest with her, it's okay that she was dishonest with him. And moral considerations aside, if there weren't other people involved, it might work. But I'm not sure how long it's going to stay secret from Will's side.

  4. Well don't we all want to ask this (for no more lies) at some point, if not every day? Nobody I've ever known has the same rulebook as the person they've been dating. I've been reading this thing with Will as rather peripheral to a bigger question Eve's dodging with less and less success.

    As Bo Diddley asked: Who do you love? Who do you love?

  5. CSNY would say love the one you're with; It looks as though Eve's going to give it a go.

  6. Ouch, I've been in this situation (both sides– except I haven't been cheated on). Weird….

  7. Been here before too…and unless you're a world class juggler, it never ends well.

  8. This- this is followed up with 'Well, this thing happened…'. If this doesn't, I'm going to be disappointed in you, Ms. Ning.

  9. Okay, I don't own a dog, but midnight seems like an odd time to walk your dog

  10. Something terrible will happen.

  11. Eve and Will! Eve and Will! Ahhh!

  12. A cover of the Basement Jaxx classic ‘Where’s Your Head At’ by London based alternative rock band, Caboose. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lV_8BOknMEw where’s your head at

  13. Wow, alright. I can see Eve trying to be genuine, but I'm not sure if not telling about Will's kiss is a white lie. I forgot how many little (/big) mistakes and red lights there were in their second time round together. Those things you don't realise until you look back in time.

    I'm rereading (again!) and it's so so perfect, it's like when you listen to a song you love and suddenly realise the lyrics can mean this other thing. Once again Meredith, thank you, it's a pleasure to read your stories, with so many nuances and details you might miss if you don't pay attention. Just as our everyday lives.

    Also, the last 2 panels here are beautifully done.

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