#259 – within your personality

Whew, two large pages in a row! This isn't a new format, but I would like to expand pages where needed. I draw a webcomic - I have that ability! Hope your Valentine's Day wasn't as depressing as Eve's. I've heard quite a few lovely testimonials from folks giving a wicked OP valentine to their sweeties. Glad to have been able to help!

9 thoughts on “#259 – within your personality

  1. Aww, poor Eve. I just want to pat her on the head.

  2. Eve might be tempted to counter-confess that she still has feelings for Will, and kissed him that evening, but that would be a bad move, unless she wants to end the relationship with Park.

  3. ouch. well, if eve puts it all into perspective, park's confession is one way to not feel so bad about a minor infidelity.

  4. ONE – apparently the _2nd_ loneliest number that you'll ever do.

    I'm really glad that the weather is nice for Eve and Park, though.

    I'm even moreso glad that I had the first good Valentine's Day in close to a decade this weekend past. A nice surprise, truly.

    I'm trying to share the luck (makes appropriate hand gesture of some kind at screen), so make it count!


  5. Hiya. Been reading for a year, never posted, but I have been loving this storyline, and I registered with wordpress just so I could comment that today's comic is really beautiful. It really is. The emotional truth, and how the characters got there, is just so moving, and the composition – I don't really know visual arts words, but the way this piece of the story is told just guts me. I too had a very upbeat and pleasant Valentine's Day, but Mer, I love your characters, and today's comic was a triumph.

  6. Been reading on and off for a while now. Wanted to say that your character writing is some of the best and most human (read:real) that I've seen, across the board. These characters have me going in so many different directions, as they're never cut and dried, never black and white, just humans living from day to day, moment to moment, trying to deal.

    Kudos, I hope to one day write stories that read as easily as your webcomic reads. Keep it up.

  7. See, the smart thing to do here is confess, Eve. If he can't accept a tiny act that happened while drunk that was just a kiss with an average or so amount of tongue… well, he isn't worth your time.

    This shit happens. You talk it over, you get past it or you get on with something else.

  8. Oh no, Eve! 🙁

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