#258 – polish stallion

Today's strip was such a blast to draw! We're almost at the end of this storyline - just in time for the real, actual Valentine's Day - but there are a couple more pages left. Epilogue stuff, if you will. Have a great weekend, regardless of how much or how little this holiday means to you.

31 thoughts on “#258 – polish stallion

  1. When I saw that last panel this song started playing http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BWh8XKvsYqc

  2. OK, you got me with Hanna's first swing. Green-eyed monster, indeed! Look like Marek's gone upscale, too – quite the price tag!

    Happy Hallo… I mean, Valentine's.

    (I dunno about you, but I feel like wearing a mask around this time of year)

  3. This strip is so good! Great pacing and Hanna's body language is just great. Thanks!

  4. It was great seeing Hannah finally blow her celebrated cool. Best laugh I've had all day. Thanks!

  5. Honestly, could there have been any other outcome?

    I love this, of course. Mer, is there any chance you could give us a hi-res version of the last panel? It'd make a grand wallpaper.

  6. Haha, the dude in the background of the last panel trying to bid made me LMAO.

    I wanna boyfriend like Marek.

  7. In this corner …Hanna "The Bitch Slap" Thompson!!

  8. Any guesses as to who ends up with Marek? I think it's high time America Jones takes some action against her recently adopted nemesis.

  9. And I thought "And a fool I have acted," would last as my favorite line of the year. I laughed so hard because I would totally be the guy on the left in the last panel. Brilliant!

  10. This was just brilliant, I really like the green in her eyes!I know everyone remembers it, but I figured a link was in order to this particular comic: http://www.octopuspie.com/2009-01-05/241-time-lap

  11. This is my favorite OP strip ever.

  12. Ladies like beards, apparently. Also, as a guy I gotta say Marigold has looked pretty awesome in this story arc. For some reason I really like her, even though we haven't gotten to know her too well yet.

  13. I'm still giggling over Park's boss-demon yelling "GET BACK TO WORK!" – that was some fine rendering there, Mer.

    Recommending M.Chabon's 'Adventures of Kavalier and Clay' (A Novel), especially if you're traveling a lot and need to read.

    1. You mean because marek and the characters in that book are polish?

  14. Gah!!! That's me!! I'm buying him!!

    One million bucks! 😀

  15. Oh god, this gave me a big laugh. Hannah's expressions, the green eyeballs, pure gold. Awesome.

  16. Hannah's gung-ho attitude toward Marek dating other people seems to have failed the test of his potential hotness to others…

  17. Awww~! Marek looks so adorable being all flustered at being bombarded by a whole buncha women~<3

    And a man! Haha!

  18. I literally laughed out loud. Wonderful in so many ways!

    Re Kavalier and Clay, though: Be warned; it's depressing. Great book, but depressing.

  19. How can you not love this strip? Hanna’s movements, the green eyes, Marek’s proud smile turning to a nervous ‘Oh crap…’, and of course all the ladies (and gentleman) flooding the stage! Amazing!

  20. I almost forgot Hanna's left hook there!

  21. haha he is a real


  22. Think of the kittens, Hanna.

  23. my gosh. i always knew marek was a stud.

  24. I wonder if that's Hanna's real eye color, or does it come from the money or the pot.

  25. oh man, nothing but positive things to say about this comic. The screen work compliments the art style so beautifully and it is so masterfully done. I absolutely love everything about it.

    great work!

  26. I don't think they're in it for the kittens… 🙂

  27. reminds me of bone. good one

  28. Are Hanna's eyes green, or is that just the Envy leaking out?

  29. I loooooooove Marek's "Oh, Dear" face.

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