#257 – uncool enough

Sorry for the late update. NYCC screwed up my schedule a bit. But we're back to normal now. Yippee! Thanks to Tyler Martin, the site is enjoying a shiny new ComicPress upgrade! Which means I've brought back the conventional WP comment system (now threaded!), and will finally be hauling out those transcripts for each page. You might also wanna try hovering around new strips with your mouse from now on. More to come soon!

7 thoughts on “#257 – uncool enough

  1. mmmm delicious delicious asthmatic kittens….

  2. Eve was supposed to be in the Date Auction? Maybe that's why Park was so upset earlier.

    1. Ya that would make me jealous if my girlfriend was in a date auction. Not cool lol. I feel for Park

  3. Is Marek going to have to test out whether Hannah's statements in #241 are true? The asthmatic kittens may require it!

  4. Man this comment thing was a pain to set up. There should be a giant notice saying that you have to create a new account just for this site, an existing wordpress account will NOT log you in here.

    Please stay tuned for your regularly scheduled comment.


    Marek is going to save the day! FOR THE ASTHMATIC KITTENS!!!

  5. OK, not so much a pain as badly structured, but now I have both screen-name and password (with no idea how to improve the password, will have to work on that).


    Was just in the Cayman Islands and the parrots there look like crows with big schnozzes ("Hey, bubbeleh, was gib?") I keep imagining their chatter like so… They hang out by the dumpsters and love fried food. I am working on that shirt…

    When are the Eve mugs a comin' back?

    Glad you had fun at NYCC,


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