#247 – alleged proof of love

So I've been watching a lot of Vanderpump Rules (have I mentioned this in my commentary yet? sorry) and I'm getting a real Jax vibe from early Will. Stealing, lying, vengeful exes, just a generally shady character? Kind of a shame pig? I don't know. Sound off in the comments if you like the show and maybe we can be friends.

6 thoughts on “#247 – alleged proof of love

  1. I always give Will an Oscar the Grouch voice.

  2. Love Vanderpump!! All the ridiculous drama, the vicious cycles, great tv. (And Lisa, both ahead of and above it all)

  3. my sister introduced me to that show when i first moved to brooklyn!! ha! its crazy and god PLEASE, i've been finding Will to be a lil less justifiably a dumbass on the reread and if u compare him to jax i'll have to disown him entirely lmfao

  4. I think it's interesting how you've been talking about early Will, because most of his negative traits I don't really associate with his weird self-depreciation kink, although that may just be because of me knowing a lot people who act like him. The thing that stands out to me is how seems to lie to himself about who he is and what makes him happy. I feel like he is less of a "shame pig" and more of a living example of the false ego vs true self tension. He believes deeply he is a good guy (and I really do think he is), but his behavior never matches that internal projection and so he feels terrible constantly and tries to take that back by talking about. Everyone kind of glosses it over except Eve, and I think that's why he falls so in love with her and for so long.

    Also Vanderpump Rules sounded like a bad bbc comedy so I had to google so there goes our chance at friendship.

  5. My favorite part of this one is Marek carrying a whole box of snowballs.

  6. It's so interesting and fun to read this version of Marigold, contrasting it to her and her later relationship(s). You did such a great job making her change into a completely different character – yet still be the same person!!

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