#223 – champ

The hairy knuckles of this man was such a big visual focus for me, it just said everything about his demeanor and his confidence in his position. Fist bumps were really big in 2008, unfortunately.

5 thoughts on “#223 – champ

  1. I still feel such a pang of real pain on Park's behalf here. Not just that the interview doesn't go well in this "racist microaggressions" way, but that the fairytale of Working For A Serious Respectable Law Firm is falling apart. I'm in academia and most parts of the gig are pretty great, but there's a lot less tweed and poetry recitation than I had daydreamed of, and it does feel sometimes that the folks with seniority who set the tone are missing a real opportunity.

  2. Actually felt bad for Park here. He's still a dick, tho. 🙂

  3. His smile and optimism, gon… well I'm not sure how much optimism he had before but certainly his smile.

  4. That clipboard clacking onto the desk is soul shattering.

  5. Hey now, I like fist bumps. More hygenic than a handshake, and you can do the explosion thing

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