#224 – contacts

Eve getting horny on a shitty futon is just so funny to me now. A small high before the sadness of crying on a shitty futon.

5 thoughts on “#224 – contacts

  1. I thought this would be when Park would see the world for as it is, but it seems like as the comic went on it never sunk in.

    1. I don't think he fails to see the world as it is, he just has an understanding of his relationship with it that gives him more credit than he deserves. He's very condescending. Though in this case, he has every right to feel shitty when in truth he was prepared for that job/interview and got shot down because of the preconceived notions of some douche-y executive type.

      1. I agree, he didn't deserve to be treated that way in the interview, and there's definitely a subtle tone of racial condescension by just assuming he's an academic type.

        But to me his issue is not his initial reaction. The issue is how he decides to conform to it. Instead of going "no, you're being an asshole, Mr. Bro Lawyer" he goes "fine, I'll see it your way" and kinda conforms to the terribleness.

        I dunno. Perhaps he feels he doesn't have much choice. Like with his friends. But you never see him as trying to become a better change for both himself and his environment/friends, he just desperately wants to fit in and uses a fake veneer of confidence to try to make his way through.

    2. Oh my goodness – your comment triggered the realisation that this experience changed Park rather than his world view. He doubled down on his anti-hipster tendencies, worked even harder to fit in, culminating in the corporate drone we see in his final experience.

  2. I remember going job searching after law school about a year after this comic came out in the middle of the GFC, and coming home feeling like this more than once. Park (and all the characters really) seem so much more relatable and personal with the benefit knowing what the next 10 years holds for both them and us.

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