#194 – based on experience

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10 thoughts on “#194 – based on experience

  1. This strip exemplifies the reason I love Octopus Pie. The characters are more solid than the ones populating 99% of Webcomics. They never feel like fanservice, or author avatars, or based on one single trait. And their relationships work and feel realistic.

    Also the dialog is funny. And true.

  2. Great strip. So very true. Saved this to my hard drive, actually.

  3. will and eve kind of remind me of faye and martin from qc.


    1. Idk. Faye is kind of annoying in QC, and I while I am a pretty diehard fan of QC, the characters in this are amazing. Martin feels a little flat as a main character for me. The dynamic just isn't as good as here.

  4. Best. Strip. Ever.

  5. This is totally my favorite episode so far.

  6. Looove this one

  7. i still can’t get over the awesomeface and will-SMASH.gif of the last few pages lol

  8. Studies show being nice actually has a great impact on how happy you are.

  9. This might be my favorite comic ever.

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