#133 – on our own

Though honestly it's probably pretty easy to shake down a couple of fuckboys like this. Eve had it in her all along.

11 thoughts on “#133 – on our own

  1. Aren't we all just featherless bipeds?

  2. I feel so stupid – I have looked at this several times and I still don't understand what was going on with the two guys standing on the sidewalk.

    1. They're the cool boys from earlier. http://www.octopuspie.com/2018-07-10/113-yo-alber

      One can assume Eve is giving them the Willl shake down to stop them from dealing to Hanna so Will comes by their house once again!

    2. I think they are people who sold pot to Hannah, so maybe she was trying to get her back to Will?

    3. Earlier in the comic Hannah was trying to hook those boys up with Eve. When Eve bailed, Hannah stayed behind and asked if they would sell her weed.
      Later when Will met up with Hannah he asked her why she hadn't been calling him for her usual delivery and got his feelings somewhat hurt when she admitted to replacing him with these two who offered her a better deal. Eve took matters into her own hands and threatened them with "whatever" if they didn't stop selling to Hannah immediately which would force Hanna to turn back to Will for her ingredients.
      This is probably so much more then you needed

    4. Eve gave those 2 guys a shakedown and helped Will as they were undercutting him by selling weed to Hanna

    5. it's the guys who look like Alberto (#113), who Hanna has been buying from instead of Will (#114,121). Eve is using his shakedown techniques (#130) to get them to stop selling to Hanna so she can see Will again.

    6. They're the dealers that Hanna bought from instead of Will earlier on in the story line.

    7. I believe Eve is trying to do Will a favor by intimidating the two dealers who have been selling pot to Hanna, so she'll go back to buying from him instead.

    8. Hanna had been buying drugs from them, which cuts out Will. Eve uses the shakedown routine he showed her to terrorise them out of selling to Hanna, which most likely gets Hanna's business back for Will. It's.. I'm not sure "sweet" is the right word, but it's something.

  3. Ok, but what happened to the Vespa?

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